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  1. Lauren and Autumn toast to their guaranteed spots in the final four of The Search for Elle Woods and predict that Bailey and Natalie will round out the elite group. Imagine their surprise when Bailey and Rhiannon walk through the door! Lauren is......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. The competition between the final four girls heats up as they must audition with a challenging number that tests all of their triple threat abilities.


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  1. Lauren and Autumn toast to their guaranteed spots in the final four of The Search for Elle Woods and predict that Bailey and Natalie will round out the elite group. Imagine their surprise when Bailey and Rhiannon walk through the door! Lauren is speechless ... how could Rhiannon's lackluster singing and dancing have gotten her this far? Rhiannon is still in shock herself, after Natalie wasn't even given a second chance and Autumn is already on her third! When Bailey complains about the stress of being sent to the casting office for the first time, a very much jaded Autumn is far from sympathetic. One thing is for certain: at this point in the game, it's every girl for herself!

    For the next workshop, the girls head to Ms. J's Gym to put all of their skills to the test. But just being a good actor, a good singer, and a good dancer won't cut it, being Elle Woods means doing all three seamlessly. After Haylie introduces the girls to Rusty Mowery and Michelle Kittrell, the dance captains of Legally Blonde: The Musical and leaders of today's workshop, the gang gets right to work.

    First, the girls must recite a monologue from the show while Rusty hoists them like ballerinas. Next, they belt the song "Positive" while jumping around and cheering with pom-poms. Rhiannon struggles to catch her breath, but Autumn breezes through the comedic number. It's a different story when Michelle teaches the girls some "simple" tap steps. While all the girls struggle with the routine, Autumn is completely lost!

    When it comes time for Haylie to announce the standout performer, she reveals that at this point in the competition, all of the girls stand out too much for her to choose just one. As such, there is a prize waiting for all of them back at the Legally Blonde loft. Haylie goes on to explain that the next audition will be their real chance to show off their triple-threat skills, as they will be performing a complicated section of the number, "What You Want."

    Back at the loft, the Elle Woods hopefuls discover a beautiful banquet table with a place setting for each of them. After the girls enjoy a delicious meal, their waiter brings out the last part of their prize: exquisite Tiffany necklaces -- just like Elle's!

    The girls then begin to chat about their Broadway dreams. While Autumn enjoys hearing the other girls' stories, it's also frustrating for her because they're so young and naïve. Autumn knows how hard it is to make it big and tries to relay this information to the others, but Bailey refuses to be discouraged.

    The next day, the girls head out to rehearse with Seth, Denis, and of course Rusty and Michelle. "What You Want" is a complex number, so the next 48 hours will be intense. Rhiannon struggles a bit with the vocals, but is certain that her "it" factor will carry her through the audition. Then, as the girls learn the intricate dance moves, Denis reminds them that they'll also have to do an onstage costume change -- in only 30 seconds!

    Once the girls have learned the basic structure of the dance, Denis brings in a surprise: the four members of the Legally Blonde cast who will be performing with them in the audition. They have just enough time for everyone to do a run-through, and as each girl gets her turn, the other three size up their competition. Of course, each of the Elle wannabes thinks that they have the edge.

    Returning to the Legally Blondeloft, the final four continue to practice together ... at least for a little bit. Autumn and Lauren know that dancing doesn't come easy for them, so they continue to rehearse long after the others have stopped. Rhiannon is annoyed and wishes they could just relax, but realizes that it's a competition and that they can't stay friends forever.

    The tension continues to rise right up to the moment when the girls leave for the audition. The divide between Lauren and Autumn's constant, nervous rehearsing and Bailey and Rhiannon's relaxed optimism becomes apparent as the pairs hop into separate cabs. Apparently, the calm duo can't even be in the same room as the other girls without feeling stressed out.

    As the first girl to tackle the difficult audition, Rhiannon scores points with the judges because she obviously enjoys herself on stage. However, her voice once again becomes an issue as she was very clearly winded during the second part of her performance.

    Bailey, on the other hand, runs into problems of a totally different nature. During her quick-change, someone gives her Lauren's hat by mistake, and it's several sizes too big --she'll be legally blind! But, the show must go on, and Bailey soldiers through the number, impressing the judges by handling the constantly drooping hat with comedic finesse. They love that "perfect little Bailey" was forced to be sloppy and succeeded anyway!

    When it's Lauren's turn, she totally nails the rough choreography. However, Paul takes note that she seemed to be anticipating things that should surprise her character. Last to take the stage is Autumn. She's beaming with pride after her audition, and though Bernie compliments her on having moments when she's "Elle all the way," he admits that there are still times when he doesn't see it. Totally unfazed by the criticism, Autumn happily dances her way off stage.

    As the judges to deliberate, Heather remarks that she wishes she could take parts of each girl to create the perfect Elle, namely Rhiannon's comedy, Bailey's dancing, Lauren's innocence and Autumn's voice. Of course, "FrankenElle" isn't a real possibility, and when it comes time for Haylie to read the "safe" list she has a giant surprise: there are no names on the list this week. All four girls will head to the casting office.

    In the casting office, the judges go through the girls one by one and illuminate their concerns about each. While Autumn has nailed some of her auditions, she's bombed others and the judges are worried that she won't be able to perform consistently. Although Bailey has the perfect Elle look, they're not sure she has the emotional depth to handle such a complicated character. Lauren's voice is Broadway-ready, but when it comes down to it, she might just be too young for the part. As for Rhiannon, Paul claims that by the time she finished her audition, he wanted to run onstage and give her mouth-to-mouth -- can she handle eight shows per week?

    Ultimately, the judges decide that Lauren needs a few more years to mature and cut her from the competition. But there's more bad news: Jerry Mitchell, the director of Legally Blonde: The Musical, only wants to see two girls in the next and final audition, meaning one more girl must be cut. Who will it be? Find out next week!