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  1. The four safe girls are so nervous about who will return to the loft that they're actually nauseous. Bailey has even planned out her reaction to make sure that the returning girl feels welcomed. Autumn walks through the door, feeling even more out......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. The final five girls get in touch with their inner and outer blonde by going through some drastic makeovers and performing the ballad "Legally Blonde."


  2. Now that the girls are all literal blondes, see who had the best Legally Blonde audition.


  3. Check out how the girls prepare for their most emotional audition yet in this never before seen moment.


About Episode

  1. The four safe girls are so nervous about who will return to the loft that they're actually nauseous. Bailey has even planned out her reaction to make sure that the returning girl feels welcomed. Autumn walks through the door, feeling even more out of sorts than the other girls. She knows they're happy to see her return, but she also knows how sad everyone is to see Emma go. Even Lauren has to admit that she knows Emma deserves to be there above some of the other girls that remain, which is a hard concept to handle.

    When people probe Autumn on what happened in the casting office, she lashes out at Rhiannon for her behavior before elimination. Rhiannon repeatedly proclaimed "I am not going home today," which insulted both Autumn and Emma. With being so close to the end, everyone's on edge.

    The call sheet arrives the next morning, instructing the girls to head to the John Barret Salon at Bergdorf Goodman's. Looks like Autumn and Natalie will be going blonde! Sure enough, Haylie informs the girls that today's workshop will focus on "becoming Elle Woods, inside and out." She then introduces John Barret himself, who will be conducting the makeovers. He advises Autumn and Natalie that blondes do have more fun and the two brunettes easily agree to make the transition.

    Autumn and Natalie are psyched to go blonde, knowing that it will put them all on an equal playing field. The girls that are already blonde are nervous that once everyone is blonde, they'll lose some of their competitive edge. Of course, the naturally blonde girls will get makeovers too -- going even more blonde than they already are! Amazingly, it's Bailey that has the hardest time with her makeover, bursting into tears when they trim just a little bit of her long locks. Hopefully Autumn and Natalie will handle their makeovers better!

    When the towel comes off, Natalie adores her new do. She thinks that the other girls didn't see her as a legitimate threat because she didn't look like Elle Woods. Natalie thinks her newly blonde tresses will change all that.

    But the girl who's really going through a dramatic transformation is Autumn. Like Natalie, she's excited to have her outside match the capability she has on the inside. When Autumn first sees her blonde hairstyle, she actually hates it! But, she's not about to let the other girls know that and eagerly shows off her blonde bob.

    For the next part of their workshop, the girls head to the SoHo Studios where Laura Bell Bundy (aka current Elle Woods on Broadway) is waiting for them. She's there to teach them about their inner Elle Woods. Laura Bell explains how taking on the role of Elle has caused her to be a more positive person (like Elle) and become more true to herself. She goes so far as to describe it as the "best experience" of her life.

    Laura Bell has to run to do a show, but she introduces the girls to Michael Hartman, one of the principles at the public relations firm Barlow Hartman, and photographer Dan Hallman. Michael informs the girls that they'll all be in the same dress and shoes, but they'll get to choose their own accessories and poses for their photo-shoot. The girl with the stand-out photo will be the winner of the workshop and get to go on a lunch date with current Legally Blonde cast member Andy Karl, who understudies the role of Emmett.

    While Dan and Michael like all of the girls' photos, it came down to Natalie and Bailey. Bailey got into the role by recreating the current Legally Blonde poster, holding a bunch of books and looking overwhelmed. Natalie, on the other hand, got super creative by standing on top of all the books. Ultimately, Natalie's creativity pays off and she wins the lunch date.

    Haylie informs the girls that for this week's audition, they'll be singing the musical's signature ballad "Legally Blonde" with Andy Karl. After watching a clip of the song, all of the girls get a little teary-eyed because they know what it feels like to be judged week after week -- especially Autumn.

    Natalie and Andy start their date off with some jokes about Natalie's new blonde do, but quickly turn to work-talk. Andy talks with Natalie about how the song "Legally Blonde" is all about Elle's choice to return to her roots. Natalie feels her discussion and new connection with Andy will give her an advantage at the audition.

    The girls head to Bernie's studio to rehearse the "Legally Blonde" ballad with Seth and Denis. This time however, each of the girls is treated to some one-on-one rehearsal time with the vocal coach and choreographer to get individual critiques. When Autumn weeps through most of the song, Seth helps her come to the realization that she associates the auditions with the possibility of being sent home and thus is bad at auditions. Seth suggests that instead, she think of the auditions as a chance to perform a three minute show.

    The other girls also impress Seth and Denis with how emotional they get while rehearsing the song. Like Autumn, Rhiannon and Natalie are reduced to tears by the emotional number. But Seth and Denis encourage the girls to show emotion, so long as they're honest.

    When the day of the audition arrives, Autumn is feeling confident. With a new blonde hairstyle and a new attitude on auditions, she's certain she can avoid the casting office. Indeed, she wows the judges so much that Bernie deems her "one gifted girl" and Heather admits the performance brought her to tears.

    Bailey, meanwhile, fails to impress the judges -- perhaps because she's done so well in past weeks, but didn't really connect with this audition. Although Natalie was confident that her blonde hair and time with Andy would help her case, the judges are starting to realize that they just can't see her as Elle Woods despite her obvious talent. Lauren continues to wow the judges with her incredibly strong pipes and Bernie even admits that he's rooting for her. While the judges love Rhiannon's presence on stage, they're starting to doubt whether or not she's vocally strong enough to handle the role.

    There are only two names on the list this week, meaning three girls will be sent to the casting office to face elimination. Autumn is the first called, followed by Lauren, leaving Bailey, Natalie and Rhiannon to head to the casting office.

    The judges tell Bailey that they know she's got the perfect package -- they're just not sure it's the complete package they're looking for. She needs to be more authentic and put more into her performances if she wants to succeed. The judges love how Rhiannon lights up the stage, but they're not sure her voice or her dancing is strong enough for a leading role. Natalie, however, has a powerhouse voice but failed to connect to the material that week.

    Bailey is the first girl to learn she'll be moving forward, with Rhiannon and Natalie left facing elimination. The decision comes down to whether the judges choose the girl with the big Broadway voice or the sparkling personality. They ultimately decide to give Rhiannon one more chance to grow and cut Natalie.