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  1. Eliminations aren't just hard on the Legally Blonde hopefuls who happen to be on the chopping block. Back at the loft, the "safe" girls await the results with anxious anticipation. When Emma, Celina and Lauren return sans Lindsey, they are greeted......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. The top eight girls battle through illness and nerves to perform a challenging comedic scene before enduring the most shocking elimination yet.


  2. Catch all eight girls' full performances of "Serious" with Legally Blonde star Richard Blake.


  3. Check out how the girls deal with post-elimination stresses in this week's deleted scene.


About Episode

  1. Eliminations aren't just hard on the Legally Blonde hopefuls who happen to be on the chopping block. Back at the loft, the "safe" girls await the results with anxious anticipation. When Emma, Celina and Lauren return sans Lindsey, they are greeted by tears and hugs. Emma seems to be taking her bottom-four status particularly hard, retreating to the bedroom alone to cry.

    The other girls gather in the living room and probe Celina for inside info about being in the casting office. But Celina would rather discuss Cassie's betrayal at the last audition. Everyone immediately starts accusing Cassie of throwing them under the bus to save her own hide, even though they feel they have been nothing but supportive.

    The girls begin to lecture Cassie, telling her that she's taking things too personally and isolating herself from the rest of the group. The stress level finally gets to the point where everyone decides to call it quits and go to bed.

    There's no time for drama the next morning when the call sheet arrives with cryptic instructions to go to Mark Bruni's studio with a notebook and pen. To everyone's surprise, the associate director is not there when they arrive. Instead they find mentor Haylie Duff with Boo Boo and Teddy, the two dogs that play Elle Woods' Chihuahua Bruiser in the show.

    The workshop will be run by Legally Blonde's animal trainer Bill Berloni and his assistant Kylen. Because Elle's relationship with Bruiser is so important to the show, the girls will be taking the dogs home with them for a "sleepover." The next morning, Bill will decide who really bonded with the dogs, naming one girl the stand-out performer.

    Bill begins the workshop by having the girls give Boo Boo and Teddy some basic commands. He's looking to see if there are girls that the dogs instinctively trust. It's very important that the audience believes Elle Woods loves this dog, and vice versa, and it'll be hard to convince them if it looks like Bruiser's being dragged around the stage.

    The Elle Woods wannabes then take the dogs back to the loft for a slumber party. While the Chihuahuas immediately take to Autumn and Lauren, they aren't so wild about Cassie. Frustrated by her inability to control the dogs, Cassie claims it must be her "trust issues" coming into play.

    The following morning, Emma wakes up with a stuffy nose, burning chest and cough. But before she can handle her health crisis, Haylie Duff arrives at the loft with Bill Berloni and Kylen. She announces that the winner of the workshop will get a date with Boo Boo, Teddy and, more importantly, Richard Blake, who stars as Warner in Legally Blonde: The Musical.

    To determine who will be named top dog ... trainer, Bill has the girls run through the commands he taught them to use the day before. Things go pretty smoothly for everyone but Cassie, who just can't get Teddy to stay. Ultimately, Autumn's natural connection with the dogs wins her the title of stand-out performer, and she selects Celina to join her on the date. Their apparent camaraderie upsets Cassie, who fears that as the group becomes cliquier, she'll be left out.

    Haylie then announces that the date is especially important because, for their next audition, all eight girls will be performing the song "Serious" with Richard Blake. This pivotal scene, in which Warner breaks up with Elle, is quite challenging, requiring the girls to showcase their voices, comedic timing and acting skills.

    Excited about their date, Autumn and Celina head to a doggie boutique, where they are greeted by "hottie" Richard, who's every bit as charming as they'd hoped. When Autumn asks him the best way to develop quick chemistry, he suggests "full-on making out" -- prompting Autumn to jump into his lap ... for a hug! Though they don't lock lips, Autumn is certain their bond will help her during the audition.

    Getting back to business, the Elle Woods hopefuls head to the rehearsal studio so associate choreographer Denis Jones and vocal coach Seth Rudetsky can teach them "Serious." Although it's a comedic scene, both Seth and Denis stress how important it is that the audience feels for Elle when she's dumped. They start things off by walking through the scene with each of the girls, but Emma's coughing gets in the way of her rehearsal. Seth suggests that she see doctor about it, as she might actually damage her vocal cords if she coughs improperly.

    Emma heads to the doctor as soon as she's done rehearsing and learns that she has bronchitis. Not what she wanted to hear! She's worried that her performance will suffer -- that is, if she can even give it in the first place.

    Ready or not, it's audition time. The judges love Rhiannon's and Lauren's unique takes on the scene, but worry that Bailey and Natalie are just doing Laura Bell Bundy impressions. Worse, they're really not seeing Cassie or Celina as Elle Woods, period. Autumn was convinced she'd shine, but she botches her timing and the judges are not impressed. Last up is Emma, who brings down the house despite her illness.

    Now that the girls are finally distinguishing themselves from one another, the judges have a much easier time narrowing down The Search for Elle Woods. Rhiannon, Emma, Lauren, Bailey and Natalie are all on the list of girls who are safe, leaving Autumn, Cassie and Celina to face possible elimination.

    In the casting office, judge Paul Canaan suggests that Cassie might make a better understudy for the show, but Cassie doesn't want to be an understudy, she wants to be a Broadway star. The judges admit that they are still struggling to see Celina as Elle, pointing out that her reading of the scene was way too subtle for a show like Legally Blonde: The Musical. Autumn blames her weak performance on a bad day, but Paul points out that the winner needs to be on top of her game for all eight shows every week.

    With that, judge Bernard Telsey comes right out and announces that Celina is cut. However, he has some more bad news: two girls are being eliminated.

    With Cassie, they see a budding actress who lights up the stage ... sometimes. Autumn, on the other hand, had been a frontrunner until her "Serious" scene left the judges with "nothing to hold on to." Ultimately, the judges decide to give Autumn another chance at being the next Elle Woods and cut Cassie. Needless to say, Cassie is not pleased with their decision.