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  1. After landing in the bottom three and seeing Cassie O. get the boot, Cassie S. and Lindsey return to the Legally Blonde loft, where the rest of the Elle Woods hopefuls are waiting to see who made the cut. When they walk in, Cassie can't help but......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. After enduring a grueling vocal workshop on spin bikes, Cassie S. isolates herself from the other girls by telling the judges they didn't give their all during her rehearsals.


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  1. After landing in the bottom three and seeing Cassie O. get the boot, Cassie S. and Lindsey return to the Legally Blonde loft, where the rest of the Elle Woods hopefuls are waiting to see who made the cut.

    When they walk in, Cassie can't help but notice that the other girls, particularly Bailey, are more excited to see Lindsey than her. Already feeling isolated, Cassie warns "it's on" -- she's ready to do whatever it takes to make sure she's the last girl standing.

    The next day, the call sheet instructs the girls to dress casually and comfortably and head to the fitness studio. When they arrive, they are greeted by vocal coach Seth Rudetsky -- and nine stationary bikes. Mentor Haylie Duff informs them that the workshop will test their vocal skills and stamina, both of which are key to performing the role of Elle Woods on Broadway. The stand-out performer will receive a reward that should give her a leg up on the competition.

    After singing some vocal warm-ups while doing jumping jacks and crunches, Seth instructs the girls to get on the bikes. They're going to sing while pedaling. The challenge is especially hard for Emma, who only gave up smoking two weeks beforehand, but she pulls through with flying colors.

    When it comes time to announce the stand-out performer, Haylie Duff tells the girls that the winner will get a manicure/pedicure with Orfeh, who plays Paulette in Legally Blonde: The Musical. Although Seth thought Celina and Emma rocked it, he deems Lauren the victor.

    Lauren decides to take Cassie S. to the spa with her because she knows Cassie pulled out all the stops after being in the bottom three. For Cassie, it's bittersweet because she wanted to win the reward, not go as a charity case. As for their next audition, the girls learn they will be performing the song "Omigod, You Guys."

    Lauren and Cassie head to Dashing Diva spa to "get beautiful" with Orfeh. After deeming the Legally Blonde star's harried existence of doing eight shows a week as their dream life, Lauren and Cassie seek out advice. Like Seth Rudetsky, Orfeh emphasizes stamina and instructs them to give 110% every second -- whether onstage or off.

    The next morning the call sheet arrives, informing the girls that they need to be at the rehearsal studio in an hour. Nothing like a little pressure to start the day!

    Although they all manage to make it on time, associate choreographer Denis Jones has another surprise for the girls: when it's not their turn to play Elle Woods, they'll be performing in the chorus. Basically, they'll have to learn two different versions of the song.

    As rehearsal begins, both Seth and Denis notice that a lot of the girls are only focusing on the starring role and slacking when it comes to the chorus. Seth thinks it will be interesting to see how things unfold when it's time for them to practice on their own.

    Sure enough, back at the Legally Blonde loft, Cassie S. gets frustrated when Bailey bails while she's rehearsing the starring role. It seems Bailey has lost her voice. Or so she claims...

    The tension between Cassie and Bailey grows when, on the day of the audition, Cassie runs around the house singing at the top of her lungs. Cassie's determined to prove that the judges underestimated her talent, no matter who she annoys.

    Everyone's nervous as they audition for the judges, knowing that one wrong note or botched word could cause them to go home. While judges Bernie Telsey, Heather Hach and Paul Canaan seem to really enjoy Natalie's and Autumn's performances, the rest of the girls fail to impress. In fact, the judges have harsh words for Emma, Bailey and a few others.

    When it comes time for Cassie S. to be critiqued, the judges appreciate how far she's come and ask if she thinks she should to be in the bottom three again. She shocks everyone by saying there are plenty of other girls who should be cut before her. Watching from the wings, the rest of the Elle Woods wannabes feel like they have been thrown under the bus.

    After the judges deliberate, it's announced that four girls will be facing elimination. To everyone's amazement, Cassie S. is not one of those girls. Instead, Emma, Lauren, Celina or Lindsey might be going home.

    In the casting office, the judges call Emma out for being too "harsh." Lauren learns she has a "squeaky" voice and looks like she's doesn't want to be there. Celina is told she has presence, just not the right kind. And, even though she has the look, Lindsey finds out she just doesn't come across as the next Elle Woods.

    In the end, Emma, Celina and Lauren still have a shot at making their big Broadway debut. But the curtain comes down on Lindsey, who's sent packing.