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  1. Despite a drama-filled year of hookups, breakups, and trash-talking, the Laguna Beach crew has made it to another summer. But this year, the end of school doesn't signal all fun and games -- with half the group going off to college or rocking it......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. It's graduation time and the seniors are getting ready to head to college while the remaining juniors start to think about their senior year.


  2. This week we spotlight Chase and Kyndra's style, Candace shows us her home, plus the cast talks about their first photo shoot.


  3. Chat with the cast members from Laguna Beach, plus catch an exclusive performance by Open Air Stereo.


About Episode

  1. Despite a drama-filled year of hookups, breakups, and trash-talking, the Laguna Beach crew has made it to another summer. But this year, the end of school doesn't signal all fun and games -- with half the group going off to college or rocking it out in LA, it's time to settle old feuds and say goodbye to good friends.

    While Kyndra and Cami have an 'intense' game of tennis where the net sees more action than Cami's serve, Cameron goes board shopping with Nick W. and stops by Kelan's to hang out and reminisce with the guys. At Alex's house, Rocky surprises him with a new iPod while he throws on his cap and gown.

    On the big night, Kyndra, Cami, and Cameron head off to watch the senior guys graduate. Kyndra sparks some controversy with Cameron when she tells him he better stand up and cheer, and an offended Cameron calls her out for not even hanging out with his boys on a regular basis. When Derek and Cameron scarf down some pizza the next day, Cameron explains his beef with Kyndra and concern about throwing an end-of-year BBQ with her.

    When Rocky's mom asks about the possibility of her staying together with Alex, Rocky is skeptical about the impending college scene complete with new girls. Not wanting to get her heart broken once again, she tears up, afraid he's going to let her loose sooner rather than later.

    At the barbeque, Kyndra and Cameron give a toast to their senior friends as they present a video of pictures from back in the day. Kyndra once again wants him to cry, but Cameron assures her he's upset about their graduating, even though he's not letting tears loose.

    On the beach, Kelan worries about failing out of college in San Diego and confesses he won't be home for a while with all the work he'll have to do for Open Air Stereo. Cameron argues that no other group has made their mark as much as their crew and worries he'll never live up to his junior year.

    On her way home, Rocky receives a surprising letter from Breanna. While she reads the apology note to her mom, she's psyched to repair their relationship, but ultimately worried about Tessa's reaction to the news. Meanwhile, Tessa arrives at Chase's house to find him freaking out about the future. He's just received a call from his manager, who has told him to pack a big bag for LA -- he'll be staying there for a while. Chase is pumped to live his dream, but knows he won't be seeing the sunny beaches of Laguna again any time soon.

    Rocky makes the trip to Breanna's house to make peace face-to-face after the letter. Breanna apologizes for the past year, and Rocky decides they pair should pick up where they left off. Even though Alex tells her not to worry about Tessa, Raquel knows she has a rocky road ahead with her best friend. When Rocky finally breaks Tessa the news, her fears are confirmed. Tessa is less than thrilled at the idea of Rocky hanging out with Breanna, a girl who who's outwardly said she hates her. She cuts the conversation short and heads out the door.

    Cameron starts the first of many goodbyes as he packs Kelan's car for college. Feeling bummed out, he dials Jessica and asks her to meet up at the beach. Sharing a blanket, Cameron confides in Jessica about watching all of his friends leave Laguna. Feeling stuck, he worries he'll never be able to replace what he's had and enjoy the year ahead. Jessica argues it won't be that bad, and Cameron confesses that she's been one of his best friends despite their on-again, off-again 'relationship.' When he asks if they'll ever rekindle the romance flame, Jessica gives him the big N-O.

    Cameron's next stop on the goodbye train leads him to Chase's, where the two discuss their stance on relationships. Cameron says he's feeling comfortable with old hookups and holding out for 'the one' while Chase packs up his bongo. When Cameron asks if he's talked to Tessa, Chase realizes he's forgotten to make the call.

    Kyndra, Cami and Co. dine at the St. Regis and talk about the year ahead. They're all scared for senior year and change, but anxious for fun times ahead. When Lexie brings up Breanna and Rocky's reunion, Cami says she's done talking about them and can't wait to be rid of them.

    Rocky meets Alex at the beach for one last time as the sun sets over the water. The two finally talk about their plan for the year ahead and decide they should try sticking it out. Alex surprises her with a ring to remember him by, but Rocky assures him she won't have any trouble keeping him in mind.

    Chase gives Tessa a quick call to say goodbye and leaves Laguna without seeing her. As he heads to LA, Tessa listens to her voicemail on the beach and doubts she'll be seeing him again any time soon.