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  1. It might look like Tessa has the perfect life, but high school has been hard for her, and she's only a junior. Tessa had a serious illness that landed her in the hospital. There were only a few people she would allow to see her, one of them being...   Read More

  2. Chase is a junior and the lead singer of Open Air Stereo, Laguna's very own rock band. Although Chase and his bandmate Kelan live for their music, he still finds time to give lifelong friend Tessa a shoulder to cry on when she needs it.

  3. Although Rocky used to be BFF with L.C.'s sister, Breanna, a mysterious rift between the two put an end to that. Now she's tight with Tessa, who shares her disdain for the rival Kyndra/Cami/Lexie clique. Anyway, girl drama takes a back seat to...   Read More

  4. For big man on campus Cameron, junior year is all about surfing, partying and hanging out with best buds Chase and Kelan. He's an All-American water polo player, but doesn't need to choose sides when it comes to his social life: he's just as at home...   Read More

  5. With the best party house, the right clothes and tons of money to spend, Kyndra is the reigning queen of Laguna, ruling the school with best friends Cami and Lexie. She loves the attention she gets from Cameron, Kelan and Chase but watch out --...   Read More

  6. Like her cohorts Cami and Kyndra, Lexie's got what it takes to get the guys' attention. Still, her stunning good looks will only get her so far when it comes to her ultimate goal of becoming a professional dancer. Lexie and Breanna's families go way...   Read More

  7. Cami is a junior and Kyndra's best friend. Along with Lexie, the girls are the self-appointed trendsetters of Laguna Beach High. Cami has style, confidence and attitude to spare -- all of which she uses when it comes to keeping Laguna's hot guys...   Read More

  8. Kelan is a senior and plays guitar in Open Air Stereo. When he and Chase aren't writing songs, rehearsing, performing, and planning their band's future, they hang with Cameron and his crew.

  9. As LC's younger sister, it should come as no surprise that Breanna attracts her fair share of drama. With her friendship with Rocky on the outs, the year is shaping up to be a tough one. Not to mention the fact that she and Tessa tend to be...   Read More