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Toby wants to step out of the friend zone and be MADE into the ultimate ladies man by joining the Mr. Olympus pageant competition.

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About Ladies Man: A MADE Movie

  1. Based on the hit MTV series, 'Ladies Man: A MADE Movie' follows Toby Miller, an average guy who has always lived in the friend zone, but is convinced that everything will change once he gets to college. On his first day at Central Indiana University he spots Dahlia, a gorgeous dream girl. Before he can introduce himself, he collides with Jill, a driven focused freshman who's more interested in political parties than frat parties. The next day, Toby meets up with Ashley Bloom, his old babysitter who is no longer a chubby outcast, but a popular sorority president, obsessed with holding on to her perfect image. Toby then learns about the Mr. Olympus pageant, a sorority sponsored male beauty pageant to find the biggest Ladies Man on campus. The reigning champion is Ashley's boyfriend Brett, president of Pi Kappa Epsilon (PIKE) and this year's theme is "What it feels like for a girl."

    When Ashley catches Brett cheating on her, Brett claims she's nothing without him to which she argues that she can turn any guy on campus into the next Mr. Olympus. Toby takes her up on her challenge and convinces her to coach him for the pageant. He begins training with Ashley who works on his physical fitness, knowledge of women, social skills and his talent performance. Although Jill doesn't approve of it, her friendship with Toby prompts her to agree to help him campaign for votes. It works, and Toby begins to get the attention from girls he's always craved -- including Dahlia. However, when the competition kicks into high gear, will Toby crumble under the pressure, or will he realize that the girl he really wants has been there the whole time?

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