Songs from the show

    1. A Day To Remember  ‘Out of Time'

    1. Kill The Complex  ‘Wonderland'

    1. Copperpot  ‘I'm Not Leaving'

    1. Tag Team  ‘Waiting'

    1. The Chord and The Fawn  ‘You Like Me and I Like You'

    1. What's Fair  ‘Moving On'

    1. The Franks  ‘The Jacks'

    1. Automatic Static  ‘Hey Now'

    1. DJ Roc  ‘Start Me Up'

    1. The DNC  ‘Electric'

    1. Apoc  ‘Corn Chips N Carrots'

    1. Hoyotoho  ‘One Night Only'

    1. Electrolightz  ‘Wobble Wittit'

    1. Light FM  ‘Heart is an Antenna'

    1. Apoc  ‘Sleeping with the Enemy'

    1. Artzmen  ‘Man Up'

    1. A Day To Remember  ‘2nd Sucks'

    1. Lucky Pineapple  ‘High Heels In The Sand'

    1. Private Dancer  ‘All Souls Eaters Day'

    1. Vibrolux  ‘Shake It'

    1. Hogni  ‘Bow Down (To No Man)'

    1. Monz Latronz  ‘Me The Machine'

    1. Hoyotoho  ‘Ready to Die Dying To Live'

    1. Hawthorne Heights  ‘Where Can I Stab Myself in The Ears'

    1. Heavy Young Heathens  ‘Catch A Theif'