Songs from the show

    1. Dirty Little Secret  ‘Good Riddance'

    1. Lipbone Redding  ‘Tuscaloosa Suntan'

    1. Girlicious  ‘Drank'

    1. Midi Mafia  ‘Lucky'

    1. Oh Darling  ‘Blindspot'

    1. Impirio and Cru  ‘Make Ya Famous'

    1. Chris Koza  ‘The Warming Moon'

    1. Meme  ‘Beat Of My Own Song'

    1. Skiggy Rapz  ‘Bang To The Boogie'

    1. Ally Cupcake  ‘Creation Of A Monster'

    1. Civalius  ‘No Escape'

    1. Locksley  ‘The World Isn't Waiting'

    1. Kill Paradise  ‘Candyland Wedding'

    1. Anarbor  ‘Let The Games Begin'

    1. Heavy Young Heathens  ‘Daylight Breaks'

    1. Andy Davis  ‘Kiss It Goodbye'

    1. Heavy Young Heathens  ‘Shine'

    1. Charn  ‘A Love That's True'

    1. Two Guns  ‘Lowered Expectations'

    1. Ally Cupcake  ‘The (Ex) Boyfriend Song'

    1. The Downtown Fiction  ‘Living Proof'

    1. Settle  ‘On The Prowl'

    1. Settle  ‘Rite Of Passage'

    1. Settle  ‘Dance Rock Is The New Pasture'