• Nicole "Snooki" PolizziCast Member
    Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

    Snooki brought the party to Seaside Heights with her now-famous opening line “Party’s here!” And she’s kept it going ever since by meatballing her way through Seaside Heights, Miami and Italy. We watched as she met and married her “gorilla juicehead,” and she’s now the mother of two. But Nicole is still the life of the party -- it just takes her a little longer to recover now.

  • Jenni "JWOWW" FarleyCast Member
    Jenni "JWOWW" Farley

    Fiercely loyal and very protective of her Jersey Shore family, Jenni has always been the big sister of the group and Nicole's BFF. She may or may not stir the pot on occasion, but do not disrespect her family because JWOWW will come out. And her fights are legendary. We’ve seen Jenni go from man-eater to mom -- and like Nicole, she met her husband in Seaside Heights as the world watched, and they’re now parents to two children.

  • Ronnie Ortiz-MagroCast Member
    Ronnie Ortiz-Magro

    It only took Ronnie a few days to break his cardinal rule: Never fall in love at the Jersey Shore. His on-again/off-again relationship with Sammi Sweetheart lasted for six seasons. Ronnie still loves to party and tear it up on the dance floor, and once again, he finds himself in a tempestuous relationship, this time with his on-again/off-again girlfriend Jenn, with whom he shares a newborn baby.

  • Vinny GuadagninoCast Member
    Vinny Guadagnino

    We met Vinny on his first “21 summer” at the Jersey Shore and quickly got to know his big Italian family as well, particularly his Uncle Nino and mother Paola. Newly single, Vinny is back in action with his wingman Pauly, and the two together tear it up in Las Vegas and Jersey. He’s trying to adhere to his strict keto diet, but that’s not so easy in a Jersey Shore house. Even less easy? Being Mike’s fitness accountability coach.

  • Pauly "DJ Pauly D" DelvecchioCast Member
    Pauly "DJ Pauly D" Delvecchio

    With that famous blowout as his signature, Pauly has become a world-renowned DJ with residencies in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. In the Jersey Shore house, he’s the prankster. (Sammi doll, anyone?) And when the drama gets deep, he’s always at the ready with a joke that breaks the tension. His bromance with Vinny is strong, but his heart belongs to his 5-year-old daughter.

  • Mike "The Situation" SorrentinoCast Member
    Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino

    The Situation is living his best life right now; he’s clean, sober and happily eating his way through Las Vegas and Jersey. Having proposed to his girlfriend Lauren, when the gang was in Miami, he’s now planning his wedding. And with a little help from "Keto Guido" Vinny, he's hoping to get in shape for the big day.

  • Deena CorteseCast Member
    Deena Cortese

    Deena joined the Jersey Shore family a little late, but she fit right in, and her meatball adventures with Nicole have become the stuff of folklore in Seaside Heights and Italy. Most nights include Deena falling down at least once, but the roommates are always there to help her up. This self-described "blast in a glass" is now married and has a son with her husband Chris.