1. Dark eyeliner, rocker t-shirts and a funky haircut mark Ashley as a nonconformist "freak." But it becomes clear her fashion choices are just a mask to cover the pain of a secret she's guarded until now.

    Ashley now has the confidence to...   Read More »

  2. Mitch is an attractive, popular student who loves to make people laugh. Will the Challenge Day experience be effective enough to dig past the humor to discover Mitch's deepest secrets?

    Since Challenge Day, Mitch has remained close to Nicole and...   Read More »

  3. An outgoing fun-loving jock, Brian reveals that the pressure to win has pushed him to seek a dangerous way to escape. His secret out in the open, he attempts to find help by reaching out to others.

    Since Challenge Day, Brian has become more...   Read More »

  4. Kari is a fresh-faced pretty senior who genuinely loves school. But hidden behind her easy smile, she's haunted by the lingering aftermath of a catastrophic accident.

    After Challenge Day, Kari graduated but continues to support Nicole. "She...   Read More »

  5. A tiny meek choirgirl, Nicole is endlessly called vicious names and was even dumped into a garbage can. After recounting the troubles of her home life, a surprising ally steps forward to help Nicole broker peace with her campus nemesis.

    Nicole...   Read More »

  6. A master at navigating hallway politics, Josh reveals that pressure to "be cool" came from an unexpected source. At Challenge Day, he's surprised to find he has more in common with a member of the lowest status clique.

    Josh is careful not to take...   Read More »

  7. Austin's colorful appearance attracts taunts and teasing, but he admits that inside he endures psychological terror much worse. To overcome both, he seeks new friends outside his clique, boldly stepping out of his comfort zone and into new and...   Read More »

  8. Cute and carefree, her biggest problem seems to be bickering with her older sister. But after recalling a painful loss, she realizes her sibling bond is too important to take for granted.

    Taylor says Challenge Day helped her become a "better...   Read More »

  9. With crossed arms and a steely stare, she keeps everyone at a distance. But her classmates see her in a shocking new light when she recounts the list of abuses she's suffered.

    Sierra is a more compassionate person since Challenge Day. "If...   Read More »

  10. Steve presides over the lunch table like it's a celebrity roast--but he does all the roasting. After he reveals the troubled home life he's endured, he decides to try to reestablish lost trust with his father.

    Steve got in touch with his mom...   Read More »

  11. Labeled an oddball due to her funky appearance, Carissa confesses her shame in seeking acceptance by trying to please boys. At Challenge Day, she finds an ally in an unlikely friend.

    As a result of Challenge Day, Carissa is no longer afraid to...   Read More »

  12. She's a self-described partier who fills her free time smoking pot and drinking heavily. She divulges the severe problems that have driven her to substance abuse, and reaches out across clique lines to make a new friend outside her posse of...   Read More »

  13. A preacher's daughter with lots of school spirit, she reveals the horrifying cause of her recent mysterious total hair loss. Freed from that shame, she tries to make amends with a former friend she previously judged.

    After reconnecting on...   Read More »

  14. Corey loves fast motorcycles but he's haunted by one high-speed accident that had fatal consequences. He discovers he is not alone in his pain and looks for ways to help others heal.

    Corey tried to meet as many new people as possible after...   Read More »

  15. This four-sport letterman is driven to succeed, but he tearfully admits his motivation comes mainly from a desire to draw attention away from a devastating situation at home.

    Max has a stronger relationship with his brother since participating in...   Read More »

  16. The lovable football star, Roderick shines in the limelight but out of school carries a heavy load to help support his family. He realizes he has the power to use his high profile to make a huge impact at the school.

    Once Roderick challenged his...   Read More »

  17. One of the only white kids in school, he hardly knows anyone, preferring to hide out in the library during lunch. But he is finally given the opportunity to make a change when he sits down with his fellow students at Challenge Day.

    Christian...   Read More »

  18. If you appear anything less than a fashion plate, you can be sure this popular color guard member will let you know. She struggles to realize how hard her words hit her targets, until she sees the depths to which she has pushed one of her victims....   Read More »

  19. An endearing comic book artist with purple-streaked hair, she gets picked on relentlessly for her funky style. But her heartbreaking revelations lead her tormentors to reconsider their cruelty.

    Brittianey no longer gets teased for her...   Read More »

  20. Part of the cocky and admired GCK (Get Cash Konfederation), he shockingly reveals a troubled past that started at an unbelievably young age. Realizing how his BMOC status separates him from other students, Damien tries to mix up the segregated...   Read More »

  21. A towering football star, he couldn't fit better the role of hero in his small Texas town. But at Challenge Day, he surprises even himself by finally revealing what's behind the tough guy exterior.

    Eric says people put fake smiles on at school...   Read More »

  22. Always in the campus spotlight, she endures widespread taunting, including racial slurs. But at Challenge Day, she reveals that her real battle has much higher stakes than just high school popularity.

    Marshay learned to be more compassionate and...   Read More »

  23. She's virtually unknown on campus, avoiding contact with anyone. Her shocking past makes clear why isolation seems like the only way to avoid being hurt.

    Ashleigh calls her Challenge Day experience a turning point in her life. She once dread...   Read More »

  24. He jokingly describes himself as a "poster child for nerdism." But he admits his low status has caused extreme loneliness, leading him to consider drastic measures to relieve his suffering.

    Matt no longer wears an "I don't care face" when he...   Read More »

  25. When she wins drill team captain, she loses her best friend. It's a loss all the more tragic as she reveals the heartbreaking obstacles she's faced to achieve success.

    Paige and Guadalupe have mended their friendship. While Paige still has one...   Read More »

  26. Josh tries to avoid his many tormentors by taking shelter in the library, known by its inhabitants as "the nerd sanctum." But he surprises everyone by admitting he too has targeted a victim for teasing.

    Once the most picked on kid in school,...   Read More »

  27. She openly admits she has used pot as an escape from everyday life. But she reveals that she suffers from a debilitating mental condition that threatens to plague her the rest of her life.

    Challenge Day later inspired Katrina -- who was once shy...   Read More »

  28. He's a great athlete and the only African-American student in the school. But the frequent racial jokes have pushed him to the breaking point.

    Since speaking out against racism, Bre'on hasn't heard any derogatory comments. His classmates,...   Read More »

  29. Launching biting insults wherever they go, Caroline, and her friend Lexi, find power in their partnership. But when pried apart at Challenge Day, they expose the secret insecurities and traumas that have caused them to make their defenses so...   Read More »

  30. Lynae tries to avoid the school's social scene altogether since so many rumors have been spread about her ranging from sleeping around to being pregnant.

    The soon-to-be-mom was home-schooled the rest of the semester and has grown closer to her...   Read More »

  31. Launching biting insults wherever they go, Lexi, and her friend Caroline, find power in their partnership. But when pried apart at Challenge Day, they expose the secret insecurities and traumas that have caused them to make their defenses so...   Read More »

  32. Everything is a joke to Brian, like starting a Facebook page that faked a romantic relationship between two innocent classmates. But when a victim of his "jokes" confronts him at Challenge Day, this motor-mouth is left practically...   Read More »

  33. If Abby doesn't like you she'll let everyone know, on Facebook or by texting. After revealing the private problems that drive her mean streak, she decides to make a difference in a very public way.

    How Challenge Day changed her life?

    Since...   Read More »

  34. A powerful and popular Jock, Kyle's known to pick on the weak, especially freshmen. But a long held painful secret changes how he is perceived and how he treats others.

    How Challenge Day changed Kyle.
    Kyle isn't picking on underclassmen...   Read More »

  35. A pretty cheerleader, Emily admits that behind her cheery façade she has her own secret insecurities and is deeply distraught since losing her best friend over a nasty text message. Inspired to make amends, she tries to win her friend back.

    How...   Read More »

  36. Aaron ("Bully")
    A Lord of the Rings nerd, who has become a weapon-forging tough guy, Aaron takes pride in his blunt bossiness. But one student finally stands up to Aaron's hurtful insults.

    How Challenge Day changed him.
    Aaron challenged himself...   Read More »

  37. At Freedom High School, A-Quad is a clique of students that are considered "goth" or "freaks". Barbara is an A-Quadder who shocks her group when she reveals how difficult life as an outsider can be, and her own personal struggles at home.

    How...   Read More »

  38. Kabraea is a loner who feels isolated at school and at home; but she shocks everyone when she reveals just how desperate her life has become.

    How Challenge Day changed her life.

    Kabrea learned to be more patient. She is no longer friends...   Read More »

  39. Leiken is a take-charge senior who lives for Leadership events. Someone who seems to have it all together, she surprises everyone when she reveals the ways in which her life is not perfect.

    How Challenge Day changed her life.

    Leikin learned to...   Read More »

  40. Rob is picked on at school, but when he lets others know about his struggles both at school and at home, everyone sees him in a new light.

    How Challenge Day changed his life.

    Rob shifted the way he see's things since going through the program....   Read More »

  41. Travis is a popular football player who admits to picking on other students. But through Challenge Day, he comes to understand what it feels like to be picked on, and how important it is that he take a stand on behalf of other students.

    How...   Read More »

  42. Adam's plaid shirts, striped vests and love of punk rock make him an easy target for abuse in this rural town. He's falsely rumored to be gay, a label that can have terrible consequences in a region proud of its traditional values.

    Since...   Read More »

  43. Brittney is teased or ignored by most of her fellow students. But when she describes her horrifying past, the entire student body responds in a surprising way.

    As a member of the Be The Change Group, formed after Challenge Day, Britney is no...   Read More »

  44. Katie seems to be the model student for her high school: Homecoming queen and crossbow-toting deer hunter. But despite her popularity, she's plagued by loneliness.

    After Challenge Day, Katie is excited to be more open and make new friends. She...   Read More »

  45. He's a teasing chatterbox who likes to "joke around" at other people's expense. But Logan discloses that he was tragically victimized due to a health condition he can't control.

    Since Challenge Day, Logan has made a lot more friends and says he...   Read More »

  46. Rachel embraces her status as a Creeker--an offshoot of the hunting and fishing "rednecks." But her fun-loving attitude camouflages the agony of an unexpected death whose aftershocks continue to disrupt her life.

    Rachel feels that Challenge Day...   Read More »

  47. A loner, Kyle shocks his group by revealing the surprising person who has always been there for him in his life. He finds that reaching out to make new friends at school might be even harder than he'd thought.

    After Challenge Day, Kyle came out...   Read More »

  48. An "all-American" kid, this popular jock divulges a shocking series of catastrophic events he's had to endure. At Challenge Day, his personal beliefs are challenged by a personal revelation from Kyle.

    After hearing the struggles of other...   Read More »

  49. Winning the homecoming queen vote ended up bringing this popular girl nothing but merciless teasing on Facebook. At Challenge Day, she has the opportunity to finally confront her tormentor face-to-face.

    Kayla and Elizabeth were once part of a...   Read More »

  50. He is the beloved class clown who travels the halls with a constant smile. But Malcolm's revelations about his mother bring tears of love from an unexpected Challenge Day participant.

    Malcolm was crowned "Prom Prince" at the school. He has...   Read More »

  51. A brain focused only on grades and not fellow students, Ashley comes from a rock solid, supportive family. But her heart is opened when she learns of the adversity her classmates face at home and at school.

    Ashley said she smiled every day of...   Read More »

  52. Part of the power couple that is the envy of the whole school. But after leading man Billy acknowledges deep-seated insecurities and singer Jett admits the pressures she feels to succeed, their classmates are able to share their spotlight for the...   Read More »

  53. Part of the power couple that is the envy of the whole school. But after leading man Billy acknowledges deep-seated insecurities and singer Jett admits the pressures she feels to succeed, their classmates are able to share their spotlight for the...   Read More »

  54. Everybody makes fun of Sam, a stage tech, for his high voice, effeminate manner and large size. Sam shocks his classmates when he confesses how deeply all the teasing has hurt him.

    Sam hasn't gotten made fun of for his weight since Challenge Day....   Read More »

  55. She's a costume designer who loves to "tell it like it is." But she divulges how many years of bitter abuse have made her feel safe only by lashing out at others.

    After Challenge Day, Stephanie and Sam successfully collaborated on their senior...   Read More »

  56. Known for his humor, fabulous clothes, Mohawk and powerful singing voice, Khalil confesses to a nearly unimaginable secret family life. He resolves to share his real feelings with his father, which opens up their relationship in a surprising...   Read More »

  57. She lives for her Latin American heritage, but as one of the only Mexicans at school, she feels like nobody understands her. At Challenge Day, she's surprised to find a new friend who understands living with a bi-cultural background.

    After...   Read More »

  58. Ali has all the right clothes, looks and friends. But trying to appear perfect at school is wreaking havoc at home. She shows everyone the fears she hides inside, and tries to re-establish a connection with her parents.

    After Challenge Day, she...   Read More »

  59. A self-described "proud stoner," his "fast times at Neenah High" revolve around getting high and hanging out. But he can no longer ignore his dangerous situation when he hears a harrowing tale of drugs' consequences.

    Kyle moved out of town after...   Read More »

  60. She hides behind dark clothes and a veil of overgrown bangs but at Challenge Day her lonely desperation surfaces. She finds common ground with the last person she would have imagined.

    Challenge Day inspired Anna to improve the relationships...   Read More »

  61. He's new to Wisconsin, he's Mexican and he's openly gay, all of which make him feel like he's in a clique of one. At Challenge Day, though he sees he has much in common with his classmates, total acceptance may still be a fantasy.

    Riccardo no...   Read More »