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  1. JazminJazmin

    Jamie Cary

    At first glance Jazmin seems like your average American girl. She lives at home with her Mom, Susan, and 14 year-old younger brother, Joey. But, when you look a little closer you see much much more. From the age of 13, Jazmin has been designing...   Read More

  2. MorganMorgan

    Jamie Cary

    Morgan is Jazmin's best friend and right hand at Li Cari. She is passionate about fashion and hosting and LOVES a good time. Though she enjoys being the life of the party, when she needs to, she can also be the big sister that Jazmin never had.

  3. SusanSusan

    Jamie Cary

    Susan is Jazmin's mom but also her business partner and in a word... she's tough. She's a single mother who used to run a construction company, and brings that hardcore Sicilian business edge to her daughter's career. Often Susan has a hard time...   Read More

  4. JoeyJoey

    Jamie Cary

    Joey is Jazmin's little brother, and yes he does everything you would expect a little brother to do... everything from intentionally peeing on the toilet seat before leaving the bathroom, to shooting her date in the ass with a BB-gun just as he's...   Read More

  5. The GrandparentsThe Grandparents

    Jamie Cary

    Whenever things are going wrong for Jazmin -- whenever she's fighting with mom, or stressed out about work or life -- Grandpa and Nona are always there. Jazmin turns into a little girl when she's with her grandparents. This is where she is totally...   Read More