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Season 2 is almost here! RJ Berger is back starting March 24 at 11/10c.

Vinny On 'Hard Times'

'Jersey Shores''s Vinny lands a guest-starring role on 'The Hard Times of RJ Berger' - get the scoop now!

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RJ's convinced he did the right thing by leaving dream girl Jenny Swanson at the dance and keeping his promise to Lily. But, will Lily survive having sex with RJ?

Lily's V-Log

Lily brings you inside her RJ-obsessed world with her v-logs.

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Check out each episode's animation sequence - from a fantasized Purity Club party to Miles' schoolyard fight with Robin.

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  1. RJ and date Jenny try their hardest to have the "best formal ever," but RJ's guilt over leaving Lily lands him back at the hospital, where the two keep their promise to lose their virginity together....  Read Full Summary »


  2. RJ's forced to make a tricky decision when both Lily and a newly-single Jenny ask him to prom, but everything changes when Lily gets into a serious accident....  Read Full Summary »


  3. RJ recruits Miles' ex-marine big brother to steal the upcoming bio test....  Read Full Summary »



  1. RJ Berger is coming back for Season 2! New episode premieres March 24 at 11/10c.

  2. The 'Hard Times' cast has a fun sing-along on set.

  3. Check out each episode's animation sequence.

  1. Lily brings you inside her RJ-obsessed world.

  2. From cougar huntin' to protecting yo ass in the pen, Coach has you covered.

  3. Help RJ maneuver a conversation with Jenny Swanson and challenge your friends!

  1. Get to know the quirky characters in RJ Berger's world.

  2. Go behind-the-scenes for free and grab the entire season on iTunes.

  3. Own all 12 episodes, plus cast and crew interviews and behind the scenes footage!

Songs from the show

    1. The Narrative  ‘Castling'

    1. The Temper Trap  ‘Soldier On'

    1. Ari Herstand  ‘Your Eyes'

    1. The Hanks  ‘The Only Thing Real'

    1. Shout Out Out Out Out  ‘Procrastinator's Fight Song'

    1. Miike Snow  ‘Animal'

    1. Ryan Calhoun  ‘Underneath'

    1. The Downtown Fiction  ‘Where Dreams Go To Die'

    1. Sophe Nix  ‘Camera'

    1. Hyper Crush  ‘Disco Tech'

    1. Miike Snow  ‘Silvia'

    1. Secrets In Stereo  ‘Starting To Rain'

    1. Jacqui Sandell  ‘Dance Like Nobody's Watching'

    1. Andy Davis  ‘Kiss It Goodbye'

    1. Hip-Hop Party League  ‘Everybody Get Loose'

    1. Moving Picture Show  ‘Saturday Night'

    1. The Queen Killing Kings  ‘Like Lions'

About The Hard Times of RJ Berger (Season 1)

  1. The Hard Times of RJ Berger orbits the hilariously-hellish lives of a deeply unpopular 15 year-old (Paul Iacono) and his scheming, sex-obsessed best friend, Miles Jenner (Jareb Dauplaise). Other than pining after the girl of his dreams, Jenny Swanson (Amber Lancaster), receiving daily beatings from the meanest jock in school, Max Owens (Jayson Blair), and evading the stalker-ish advances of Lily Miran (Kara Taitz), there really isn't much excitement in RJ's life. That is, until his anatomical gift is accidentally exposed to the entire school.

    In a single moment, RJ goes from anonymous to infamous, and for the first time in his life, he feels a tiny sliver of confidence. Swept up in this man-sized wave of recognition, we'll watch RJ claw his way out of the popularity basement. Whether it's trying to get laid, dealing with his bizarre parents, or simply navigating the treacherous waters of sophomore year, RJ will live out the stories -- good, bad and ugly -- that we all remember from high school. One mis-adventure at a time, we'll see him grow from a shy, awkward boy into a slightly less shy and awkward young man. Part The Wonder Years and part Superbad, The Hard Times of RJ Berger is a loud, funny, raunchy, sexy look at the life of lovable loser.