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  1. Paul Iacono continues to rise as one of Young Hollywood's most promising stars. A New Yorker through-and-through, Iacono graduated from the Professional Performing Arts School and has performed in over fifty theatrical readings, workshops, and shows...   Read More

  2. Born and raised in Melbourne, FL, Jareb began acting in his church at the age of 3. He continued through his years at school, ultimately getting accepted to Florida School of the Arts, where he graduated with his acting degree. Once he moved to L.A....   Read More

  3. Kara Taitz sang before she could talk. When she learned how to talk she quickly became a director, using her grandmother's living room step as a stage, and her family as the players, whether they liked it or not. She grew up in NYC and was fortunate...   Read More

  4. Following a diverse career in television, this June Amber Lancaster will star in MTV's first scripted comedy, "The Hard Times of RJ Berger."

    A native of Tacoma, Washington, Lancaster was a natural performer from the start. At the age of 6, she...   Read More

  5. Born in Detroit and raised in Macomb Township, Michigan, Jayson Blair was encouraged to pursue a career in film and television. Discovered by a Hollywood agent in a Chicago open call, Blair took the plunge and moved to Los Angeles. Since 2005, he...   Read More