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What You Didn't See On TV

This season of 'Guy Court' was filled with hysterical moments, but not everything made the show. Check out what you missed.

Did MGK Break 'Guy Code?'

Rap star Machine Gun Kelly is on trial for tricking his boys into watching his sex tapes.

Street Justice With Quinn Marcus

Quinn Marcus of 'Girl Code' hit the streets of NYC all season long to get people's reactions to the case at hand.

Can Get Enough Of 'Guy Court?'

Our 'Guy Code' blog covered 'Guy Court' on a case by case basis this season. Check out what they had to say.

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  1. Is leaving your boy on his 21st birthday for a threesome a 'Guy Code' violation? Plus, one guy uses Facebook to hook up with his friend's exes....  Read Full Summary »


  2. Is getting engaged too many times a punishable offense? Plus, one guy has a tanning addiction, and another guy who won't stop answering his girlfriend's calls even while playing baseball....  Read Full Summary »


  3. When does hooking up in your boy's car become a 'Guy Code' violation? Plus, a guy defends his right to seek fame on social media sites....  Read Full Summary »


About Guy Court

  1. In this half-hour comedic courtroom series, viewers will witness a variety of cases, from the best friend that dated your ex-girlfriend, to the roommate that refuses to wear deodorant. The cases are real stories from real people who have fallen victim to violations of Guy Code.

    With the Plaintiff and Defendant front and center to tell their stories, the judge will hear both sides of their story, which will be animated in our hilarious and signature "Instructo-Art" style.

    The laws of manhood will be upheld, as some familiar MTV2 faces will determine guilt or innocence of each individual in accordance with Guy Code. Each case will be will judged, defended, and prosecuted with the perfect combination of comedy and justice.

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