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    In the new prank show You've Got a Friend, if contestants pass off an obnoxious, fake friend as a real pal for 2 days without admitting the truth to anyone, they'll win 15 Gs....  Read Full Summary


  1. Learn more about the so called "friend" of You've Got a Friend.

  2. What Kind of Friend Are You?

    Loyal and supportive or competitve and domineering? Find out what kind of friend you are by answering a few simple questions.

  3. Fr-enemies Horror Stories

    Tell us your story of a friendship gone bad and it might make it on the site.

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  1. Teri is a 22-year-old Los Angeles teacher with a lot of attitude. Her new "friend" Pauline is a self-proclaimed clairvoyant that can read people's auras and talk to dead relatives....  Read Full Summary »


  2. Jason's so-called "friend" Pauline shows up at Jason's house, saying that she's an old friend from New Orleans. His friends Kien and Eric are already there and are shocked that they haven't heard of Pauline before. Pauline then asks Jason to massage her...  Read Full Summary »


  3. Episode 106
    Erika, while having a bite to eat with her friend Ross, meets her so called new "friend" Frankie. Frankie is an obnoxious L.A. rocker in the fictional band "Death Envy."...  Read Full Summary »


About You've Got a Friend

  1. A wise man once said: Where there are friends, there is wealth. But what if the only thing standing between you and a chunk of chedda is an annoying jerk that you have to pass off as your new best buddy to family and friends? That's the hilarious premise behind MTV's You've Got a Friend, the new hidden camera prank show from Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg (Punk'd). If contestants are able to last a full 48 hours with their new obnoxious friend--without admitting the truth to anyone--they'll find they have $15,000 in their pockets...and a whole lot of explaining to do!