My College Dollars

The My College Dollars Facebook Application is live and ready to help you find money to pay for school!

Step-By-Step With Jason Derulo

Check out Jason Derulo's tutorial on how to get ready and submit your FAFSA application.

Congratulations to Devin Valencia, and our other finalists!

Read more about Devin's win in the College Affordability Challenge at


  1. Watch a video about how the final ideas were brought to life, learn more about the finalists, and weigh in on Devin Valencia's win of the College Affordability Challenge.

  2. Watch President Clinton announce Devin Valencia as the winner of the College Affordability Challenge.

  3. In a surprise visit to Howard University, John Legend helped issue the national call for submissions to the College Affordability Challenge.

About Get Schooled

  1. Sponsored by MTV and The College Board, Get Schooled: College Affordability Challenge on current and aspiring college students to imagine innovative digital tools to reimagine and simplify the financial aid process. The finalists were selected from hundreds of submissions from students in 48 states. The winner was Devin Valencia, a recent graduate of the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Devin's idea was the foundation for the My College Dollars Facebook application. The app uses information from a user's Facebook profile to connect them with financial aid opportunities. In addition to matching students with scholarships, the application will also provide information, guidance and tools that will enable students to make smart financial decisions about paying for college.

    Get Schooled is a program, developed in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, that connects, inspires and mobilizes people to work harder to increase high school and college graduation rates, improve post-secondary readiness and promote the fundamental importance of education. For more information, check out