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Geordie Shore

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About Geordie Shore

  1. The UK's latest reality fix Geordie Shore comes to MTV.com.

    Make way for 8 loud and proud Geordie lads and lasses who promise to show you a summer you'll never forget!

    Inspired by the hit US phenomenon, Jersey Shore, the glamorous city of Newcastle becomes the latest stomping ground for this gang of tanned and buffed individuals, ready for 6 weeks of unadulterated partying toon-style.

    Living in a gorgeous five star house complete with shared bedrooms, a shag-pile outhouse for 'special visitors' and a hot tub, MTV cameras will catch all the action as they work during the day for a promotions company and then get their tash on at night, at some of the most renowned hotspots on the Diamond Strip.

    There'll be tears, tantrums, drama and outrageous behaviour by the bucket-load... and that's just from the boys!