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  1. Neal just finished his fifth year of college -- yes, fifth -- and finally graduated to the real world of dating. He may not have a job but his smile is worth a million bucks. Don't ask him how many girls he's been with, though, because "that...   Read More

  2. Sean describes himself as "just a small-town fellow from Wisconsin." Honestly, we would probably describe him as a "goofball" but his statement works, too. But don't let that baby face of his fool you. As he puts it, "I have game like a chess...   Read More

  3. This outgoing 21-year-old from the Chicago suburbs only likes girls who are in shape because, he says, "it shows me they care about themselves." Ajami's game is simple and straightforward: "I do the approaching. I look them in the eye and say, 'Hey,...   Read More

  4. This 21-year-old Texan was an all-star quarterback in high school, a fact that he will bring up any chance he can possibly get. But Kyle's best quality is probably his humility: "I'm kind of a big deal. I'm not cocky, I'm confident. And I always...   Read More

  5. This Georgia plum is always looking for his peach, but unfortunately he has been in a dry spell ever since birth. To quench his thirst, Marcus recently revamped his game plan and has since been on a "hot streak." And by hot streak, he means he's...   Read More