1. With Macho out of the house and only eight G's left, some of the guys are feeling better than others. Prote'ge' tells his fianc� he's convinced there's an alliance of Teddy, Lank and Blue and that he'll be the next one they......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. The G's must put on PSA's for middle school kids and Baron receives some disturbing news from home.


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  1. With Macho out of the house and only eight G's left, some of the guys are feeling better than others. Prote'ge' tells his fianc� he's convinced there's an alliance of Teddy, Lank and Blue and that he'll be the next one they blackball.

    Fonzworth Bentley announces that the G's fifth lesson will be on giving back, and will be led by his good friend and senior minister of LA's Church of the Harvest, Bishop Clarence. He teaches the G's about the importance of finding a cause close to their hearts, donating (whether it be money or their time) and helping raise awareness.

    Hopefully the G's learned something, because for their next challenge they'll be raising awareness on important causes by writing a play for a group of kids in Inglewood. Because they've both been personally affected by the causes the plays will be about, Bentley selects Blue and Baron to be team captains. After Blue selects Teddy, Lank and Prote'ge' and Baron chooses Mito, All In and Fahim, Bentley reveals that Blue's topic will be "anti-gang" and Baron's cause will be "don't do drugs." The winning team captain will be safe and have the opportunity to save one of his other teammates.

    Fonzworth Bentley provides the teams with the concept, characters, props and costumes and the G's will have two hours to come up with the dialogue. Prote'ge' is miffed when Blue, Teddy and Lank snatch up the good parts and stick him with the role of a cheerleader. Prote'ge's team gets frustrated when he slacks off during practice. Meanwhile, for their anti-drug message, Baron decides to don a bunny clown suit for a hallucination scene.

    When they arrive at the school, Blue realizes that it's the actual middle school he attended and feels all the more pressure to succeed. Baron's team takes the stage first, but Bentley isn't sure the kids really get the anti-drug message when they start laughing at the site of Baron dancing around stage in a clown bunny costume. The kids give the play an enthusiastic round of applause, but Bentley thinks it must be because they've had too much sugar -- because the play didn't warrant that kind of response!

    After hearing the loud cheers for the first play, Blue's team knows they have to step it up for the win. Prote'ge' continues to let them down by refusing to take his pants off from under the cheerleading skirt and not being terribly enthusiastic in his small role. Although the crowd goes wild when Blue emerges in a bear suit as the leader of the "Grizzly Gang," the team is worried because they know they heard more laughter for Baron's play. But Blue manages to really get the message home when he talks to the audience the true story of how his mom stood in front of a gun and prayed for his safety when he was in a gang, saving his life. The crowd rewards Blue by naming his team the winner, granting him safety from elimination.

    Baron calls his buddy to vent after the loss and learns that his girlfriend is pregnant with twins. When he talks with his girlfriend, Baron realizes how bad the money situation is and worries that it might be time for him to leave and take care of her.

    Fonzworth Bentley calls everyone together so Blue can announce who he's chosen to save that night. After calling out Prote'ge' for his lack of participation, Blue decides to save Lank for his comedy skills. As it turns out, Baron has an even tougher decision to make as the captain of the losing team: which one of his teammates will face elimination that night. Baron ultimately sends in Mito, because he felt it was Mito's duty to make sure the audience knew the clown bunny was a hallucination.

    Mito is very upset, feeling that Baron should have taken responsibility as team captain and the one who came up with the bunny idea. He's all the more irritated when afterwards, Baron refuses to talk to him or make eye contact. Mito begins heckling Baron while he plays pool, his temper quickly growing out of control. Eventually, Mito storms out, slamming the door behind him.

    Fearing the blackball ceremony, Prote'ge' decides he's not going down without a fight and accuses Blue, Teddy and Lank of being in an alliance. Teddy points out that the three of them have rarely voted for the same person and Blue insists he called Prote'ge' out because he missed most of their team's rehearsals.

    Baron goes to see Bentley and tell him that he needs to go home to take care of his bills and pregnant girlfriend. Bentley asks Baron to slow down and think about how he's actually going to earn this money and points out that if Baron goes back to his old life, it will just lead to another dead end. He convinces Baron to at least wait until the chapter meeting to decide.

    After the G's vote in the blackball ceremony, Bentley gathers them together for the chapter meeting. He tells them all how proud he is of their performances for the kids before revealing which of them have received the most votes and will face elimination. Baron has one ball (which he knows is from Mito), Teddy has one (which is he knows is from Prote'ge') and Prote'ge' has a whopping six votes.

    When Prote'ge' again brings up the alliance, Bentley asks the other G's if they believe there's on in the house and nobody else agrees with him. As a result, Teddy is the first G Bentley sends back to safety. Mito earns his safety by giving a tearful plea for a second chance.

    With only Prote'ge' and Baron left, Fonzworth Bentley asks Baron if he's made up his mind yet and that he believes in him -- it's just a matter of Baron believing in himself. Baron is so moved by Bentley's faith in him that he decides to stay. Bentley denies Prote'ge's membership because, ultimately, he may have talked a big game but his actions didn't back it up.

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