1. The twelve remaining G's awake to find The Daily Gent instructing them to meet in the Chapter Room for their next lesson. As they get dressed for the day, the nearly eliminated Macho brags about how ready he is to change. Unfortunately, his......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. After getting a lesson in eloquence the G's take part in a rhetoric duel where Macho stirs up drama for "licking at" A-Felon.


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  1. The twelve remaining G's awake to find The Daily Gent instructing them to meet in the Chapter Room for their next lesson. As they get dressed for the day, the nearly eliminated Macho brags about how ready he is to change. Unfortunately, his attitude continues to annoy and alienate several of his peers.

    This week's lesson deals with the importance of eloquence and proper speech. To help the G's, Fonzworth Bentley has brought in English teacher Peter Franklin. Peter attempts to teach the G's proper diction and speech with pronunciation cards and tongue twisters like "how much wood would a wood chuck chuck is a wood chuck could chuck wood." Although some struggle, Bentley is impressed by how enthused the G's are about this lesson.

    With the lesson complete, Bentley reveals that the G's will be using what they've learned in this week's challenge: a rap battle. After splitting them up into two teams of six, Bentley reveals that only three people from the winning team will be safe from elimination and the team will have to decide who has earned safety.

    As the teams go to work, A-Felon and A.D. decide that no matter what happens, Macho needs to go home. While the rest of Team 1 (Six Figures) goes to work writing up verses, JoJo ditches them to start drinking because he's not really into the whole rapping thing. Meanwhile Team 2 (Composed Gentlemen) decides the only fair thing to do is pull names out of a hat beforehand so they know who will be safe if they win.

    When they get to the club, Fonzworth Bentley reveals a twist: instead of a rap battle, they'll be competing in a "Rhetoric Duel." Each team will be given a topic and select one person to come up and rap on that topic using proper grammar with no slang or cursing. Platinum selling recording artist Chamillionaire will judge the duel.

    Six Figures seems to be the clear leader when Mito and Teddy win the first two rounds, however Composed Gentlemen come back when Prote'ge' automatically wins because a drunken JoJo is disqualified for cursing. Things get worse when A-Felon gets distracted by Macho "licking" at him from the audience and walks off the stage before Chamillionaire can announce the winner.

    With the teams tied, Lank and Mito face off on the topic of "Fame." Faced with a tough decision between the two, Chamillionaire let's the crowd voice their decision. The overwhelming majority cheers for Lank, who wins the battle for the Composed Gentlemen.

    Back at the mansion, A-Felon calls Macho out for licking his lips at him during the battle. Macho is furious at the insinuation that he's gay, but A.D. and several of the other G's support A-Felon's accusation. Somehow, Macho manages to keep his cool and remove himself from the situation.

    Disappointed in how much the G's reverted back to old behavior during the challenge, Fonzworth Bentley calls everyone together the next morning for a lecture. Bentley points out that the people who stick to the rules and take things seriously are the ones showing him that they need and want to be there. A-Felon tries to insist that he gained a lot from the experience, but Bentley says that walking off-stage during the battle suggested otherwise.

    While the other G's try to decide who to blackball, Macho goes to see Bentley about the A-Felon accusation. He admits that A-Felon and A.D. really offended him and Bentley agrees that Macho is certainly not getting respect from his peers. But to be fair, he decides to meet with A-Felon and hear his side of the story. A-Felon admits that he handled the situation inappropriately, but Bentley thinks he's gone beyond inappropriate. Although A-Felon tries to argue that he can't change overnight, Bentley isn't convinced he's seen enough change from this G. Bentley calls in A.D. to try and really get to the bottom of the issue, but AD denies having any involvement in the altercation at all.

    With Lank, Baron and Prote'ge' safe from elimination, Bentley looks to see who how the G's voted. He's surprised to find out that JoJo has voted for himself because of his bad behavior. When Macho sees that five people have voted for him again, he claims it's because of an alliance of people against him. Bentley isn't quite sure what to believe, but knows Macho's behavior is not appropriate for the Gentlemen's Club. Joining Macho to face elimination are A-Felon, A.D. and JoJo.

    First to go is JoJo, for getting drunk in a public place. When it's time to decide the next G to go home, A-Felon points out that Macho has again gotten five votes against him. Bentley reminds A-Felon that he makes the final decision and sends Macho back to safety. Because A.D. and A-Felon crossed the line with the "tongue" situation, Bentley decides to eliminate both of them.

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