1. Amped about receiving his blazer at the first elimination, Riff Raff busts out some rhymes to celebrate. His goofy attitude and lack of skills does little to earn him the respect of his peers. Meanwhile, Dirty wakes up from his night of partying......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. After getting a lesson in how to dress from designer Jay Kos, the G's are divided into 3 teams and compete to see who can successfully pull of the best fashion looks.


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  1. Amped about receiving his blazer at the first elimination, Riff Raff busts out some rhymes to celebrate. His goofy attitude and lack of skills does little to earn him the respect of his peers.

    Meanwhile, Dirty wakes up from his night of partying to discover a note from Fonzworth Bentley telling him that they need to speak. Dirty doesn't remember much from the night before and fesses up to having a drinking problem that he's done little to address. He then informs Bentley that he grew up in foster care after his mother threw him into the trash as an infant. Even though Bentley knows that, on the surface, he should deny Dirty's membership to the club, he promises Dirty that he's not going to throw him away. Dirty is allowed to stay on the condition that he apologizes to the other G's and stays sober for the rest of his time in the house.

    Dirty tears up as he apologizes to the other G's, pleading for one more chance. Although skeptical at first, even Fahim accepts the apology. Dirty decides to completely change his life, asking people to call him by his real name of Baron from now on.

    The Daily Gent arrives, instructing the G's to gather up all their clothes into suitcases and report for a lesson on fashion. Celebrity stylist Jay Kos will be instructing them on the importance of style, starting with the essential clothes every gentleman should have. He asks the G's to pull out the essential items of their wardrobes from the suitcases, getting a good laugh out of Riff Raff's rainbow pants. To help get the G's started with the proper essentials, Bentley gives each of them a nice watch.

    With the lesson complete, Fonzworth Bentley splits the G's up into teams of four to put on a fashion show using the lessons they've learned from Jay Kos. They will have to present four different looks: professional, preppy, adventurous and sexy. Each member of the team will represent one of these looks.

    Two members from each team are sent out to the thrift store, having only thirty minutes to purchase clothing for each look. Mito and Prote'ge' run into trouble finding clothing big enough to fit All In, since the thrift store doesn't have a big and tall section. Fortunately, All In thought ahead and brought along some accessories to try and distract from the ill-fitting outfit. Likewise, Blue is irritated that Riff Raff brought him a suit that's several inches too short.

    The show is ready to begin and Bentley introduces the judging panel of actress Lisa Ray McCoy and some fashionistas. Lisa Ray rules out the Hood Gentlemen team, pointing out Blue's too-short suit. She gives props to the Swagaholics and Made Men, even pointing out how well All In sold the look with his attitude. Lisa's deciding between the two when Macho pulls off his shirt in attempt to further sell his "sexy" look. Unfortunately it backfires and the judges deem the Made Men the winners of the competition.

    Teddy calls Macho out for upsetting the judges and Macho begins screaming at him backstage in an effort to defend himself. Once again, Macho's intentions backfire and a lot of G's lose respect for his brash actions. Macho tries to deviate attention away from himself by starting a war between A.D. and Proto'ge' because A.D. doesn't think Proto'ge' really needs to be there.

    Riff Raff goes to Fonzworth Bentley before elimination in an attempt to save himself. However, Riff Raff hurts his own cause by claiming he'd rather die than go broke and leading Bentley to believe he's only there for the money. Still, Riff Raff leaves the meeting thinking he's safe.

    After the blackball ceremony, Bentley reveals that A.D., Riff Raff and Macho have been voted into the bottom three. Bentley is convinced by A.D.'s promise to change and sends him back to safety. He expresses surprise that Macho is there for not being a team player and Macho acknowledges that his "iron fist" method of leading needs to change. Ultimately though, Bentley decides to eliminate Riff Raff and the decision is cemented when Riff Raff yells at the other G's for voting him out. Bentley offers to still help Riff Raff once he's out of the club, but that's not good enough and storms out.

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