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  1. Fonzworth Bentley. The name itself invokes the very essence of coolness and elegance, and those two qualities are precisely what set him above the rest. He is the quintessential gentleman.

    Born Derek Watkins in Atlanta, Fonzworth Bentley...   Read More

  2. Age: 21
    Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
    Occupation: Unemployed

    - Despite having a nickname like A.D. Killa, this G has the rare ability to make friends with anyone, anywhere, at any time.
    - A tattoo artist by trade, Killa believes he can improve...   Read More

  3. Age: 23
    Hometown: Elmont, New York
    Occupation: Unemployed

    - Because of trouble he has had with dating, A-Felon finds it hard to trust people.
    - An admitted hothead, A-Felon says he has yet to meet anyone who has experienced everything that...   Read More

  4. Age: 26
    Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    Occupation: Security / DJ

    - All In says he wants to make a change for himself and his son.
    - A hopeless romantic, he says that he once made a Valentine's Day card out of a napkin because he didn't...   Read More

  5. Age: 22
    Hometown: Los Angeles, California
    Occupation: Unemployed

    - Having lived in homeless shelters most of his life, Blue says that he spent his senior year in high school living in a car with his mother and his sister.
    - Blue comes from a...   Read More

  6. Age: 21
    Hometown: Miami, Florida
    Occupation: Barber

    - Dirty claims his mother threw him in the trash when he was a baby. She then later died of a drug overdose.
    - Since his father had been in prison for most of his life, the two just met...   Read More

  7. Age: 26
    Hometown: Compton, California
    Occupation: Customer Service

    - Dre likes to think of himself as a "trend setta" and has a special talent for designing clothes.
    - Dre hopes to win on this season of From G's to Gents and use the...   Read More

  8. Age: 25
    Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
    Occupation: Unemployed

    - Originally from Bangladesh, Fahim learned to speak English on the street and turned to gangs as his only family.
    - Fahim claims that once, while on a date, he robbed a guy for...   Read More

  9. Age: 21
    Hometown: Upland, California
    Occupation: Lingerie Store Manager

    - Having spent a life with the wrong crowd, Flex wants to become a gent for his mom, the only woman in his life.
    - Even though he works at his brother's store and his...   Read More

  10. Age: 25
    Hometown: San Francisco, California
    Occupation: Car Polisher

    - JoJo doesn't know his father and says he's scared to ask his mom about his nationality.
    - His motivation for becoming a gentleman is to save his mother from having to...   Read More

  11. Age: 21
    Hometown: Pennsauken, New Jersey
    Occupation: Unemployed

    - Lank wants to change his ways so that he can get off the streets -- and so that he doesn't have to deal with guns anymore.
    - An imposing figure, Lank says that the only...   Read More

  12. Age: 24
    Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
    Occupation: Tattoo Artist

    - With a diamond tattoo on his cheek being the first of many you see, Macho says that even though he has a lot of ink, he's both articulate and poetic.
    - Homeless for the past 10...   Read More

  13. Age: 26
    Hometown: San Marcos, California
    Occupation: Plumber

    - Mito says that no one could imagine the things he saw while in state prison, where he spent two years.
    - A talented plumber, Mito has trouble finding work because of his prison...   Read More

  14. Age: 22
    Hometown: Union City, New York
    Occupation: Game Advisor

    - The only married G in the game, Prote'Ge' and his wife were homeless while she was pregnant.
    - He says that he has never been caught performing illegal act because "a real G...   Read More

  15. Age: 26
    Hometown: Houston, Texas
    Occupation: Unemployed

    - A freestyle rapper under the name "Texas Tornado," Riff Raff has the MTV logo tattooed on his neck.
    - Riff Raff says that he cheated his way through 11th grade and once started a...   Read More

  16. Age: 22
    Hometown: Los Angeles, California
    Occupation: Model

    - Roq Monte gets into a lot of fights because people think he is a pretty boy and he wants to prove them wrong.
    - Not one to be shy, Roq claims to have the body of a Greek god and a...   Read More

  17. Age: 26
    Hometown: Camden, Alabama
    Occupation: Unemployed

    - Teddy Tee sold drugs in high school to pay for supplies, school fees and school field trips.
    - Since leaving drug dealing behind, Teddy's aware that he also escaped a near certain...   Read More