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Watch The Extended Episode: Bjorn

Watch one of your favorite Sweet 16-ers get Exiled to Morocco in this new extended episode.

Watch The Extended Episode: Amanda

Check out some never before seen moments of Amanda's exile to Africa in the new extended episode.

Inside The Exile

The cast of Exiled answers questions about what happened off camera when they went to some of the most remote corners of the Earth.

Behind The Scenes

Head to the blog for an inside look at the Exiled special!

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  1. After living it up at her My Super Sweet 16 party a few years ago, spoiled rich girl...  Read Full Summary »


  2. Growing up, Cher was the most pampered princess ever, mainly because she was the...  Read Full Summary »


  3. Three years ago, Super Sweet 16er Bjorn proclaimed himself a "Divo." And guess what? He...  Read Full Summary »



  1. Does Cher still rely on her Mom? Watch this interview!

  2. Learn about the 'Super Sweet 16'ers headed into Exile.

  3. The party's over! Find out why these spoiled teens are about to be sent across the globe.

About Exiled

  1. Watching My Super Sweet 16 can give us a glimpse of "the good life." Amidst the demanding divas and epic meltdowns that lead up to insanely over-the-top teenage birthday bashes, we get a look at the posh lives of wealthy families. And while we take that often envious look at how the other half lives, how many of us sit there wishing that these spoiled teens could be slapped with a serious dose of reality?

    Wish no more, because they're about to get Exiled! Fed up with their seemingly endless mooching, their parents have had enough of this Sweet 16 set and are ready to send them away to learn the lesson of a lifetime. They've arranged to place their children in remote parts of the world with host families who have never tasted anything close to the high society life.

    A few years after tossing the parties that made them stars in their schools and fueled rivalries among the rich kids, you're going to see some of the Sweet 16-ers you loved to hate the most -- Ava, Sierra, Amanda, Bjorn, Marissa, Chelsi, Meleny and Alex -- shipped away from their plush homes and easy lives and Exiled to foreign locations such as the jungles of the Amazon, the tundra of the Arctic Circle, the Andes mountains and remote islands in the South Pacific where they'll have to live like local commoners with none of the amenities of their normally privileged lives.

    These coddled kids will find out that their Louis Vuitton luggage won't win them any respect in their new homes. Tired of their behavior, their parents have signed on to send these pampered princesses and princes halfway around the world to live life in someone else's shoes ... and they ain't Manolo Blahniks, baby!

    Will any of these daddy's girls and mama's boys be able to handle being Exiled to remote locations, harsh conditions and life without a Sidekick? Will these smackdowns of super sweet proportions send them over the edge? Or will they summon some untapped inner-strength to not only meet the challenges ahead of them, but learn lessons that could change the path their lives may take in the future?

    There's only one way to find out! Watch My Super Sweet 16 Presents: Exiled!