1. Ava's My Super Sweet 16 party was straight out of a fairy tale. But she was utterly disenchanting -- demanding to go dress shopping in Paris, calling her mom nasty names when her credit card was canceled and throwing a temper tantrum when there......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Ava's getting plucked from Beverly Hills and being sent to the remote hills of Thailand, where she'll live in a rickety straw hut with her host sister, Ladee.


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  1. Ava's My Super Sweet 16 party was straight out of a fairy tale. But she was utterly disenchanting -- demanding to go dress shopping in Paris, calling her mom nasty names when her credit card was canceled and throwing a temper tantrum when there wasn't a shiny new Range Rover waiting for her on the morning of her big day.

    Four years later, the 20-year-old Beverly Hills native is a college sophomore who's still running up mom and dad's credit card bills. And she doesn't even do any household chores to pay them back.

    Although she has never lifted a finger, her parents have fed her insatiable appetite for the good life just the same. As a global studies major, Ava loves to travel and experience new cultures. She's been to Third World countries ... but always travels first class and stays in high-end hotels. Fed up, her mother thinks it's time to rip the silver spoon out of Ava's mouth. Yes, it's time for Ava to roll up her sleeves ... because she's being Exiled!

    Ava's mom informs her that she'll be shipping off to the remote jungles of Thailand ... for a week ... that night. Her mom hopes Ava will learn to be self-sufficient and understand what life is like outside of Beverly Hills. Ava is confident that she can handle anything Thailand has to offer. After all, she is a global studies major. It's gonna be great ... right?

    But Ava's smile soon turns to a frown when she learns she won't be flying first class and there most likely will be plenty of bugs where she's staying. Still, when she goes up to her room, she packs her blow dryer, nail polish and brand-new Christian Louboutins. Um ... she thinks she's going where?

    A day later, Ava is in Ruam Mit, heading down a river toward a tiny village to meet her host family. When she arrives, she is greeted by beating drums, elephants and a tribe dressed in traditional garb. A girl named Ladee shows Ava to her hut. But Ava is afraid to step on the rickety floor, and Ladee warns her that, yes, she could fall through if she's not careful ... wait, what!?

    As if that little tidbit of information wasn't scary enough, there's also a fleet of insects inside the hut that has Ava positively petrified. As she and Ladee set up their beds, Ava spots a big bug on the wall and totally freaks out. Ladee calms her down and helps her put a mosquito net over her makeshift bed. But Ava's mortified to find that she's trapped bugs inside the net. Clearly, this is going to be a rougher week than she thought.

    After a terrible night's sleep among the insects, Ava must wash herself outside with a rag. Then, she learns she'll be helping Ladee plant corn. As they hike to the field, Ladee explains that, in her village, laziness results in much more than getting yelled at. If they don't plant and grow corn, they will have nothing to eat. Regardless, Ava complains the entire time.

    When they're done in the field, they have to go back to the hut and cook dinner. There, to Ava's horror, Ladee's father kills a chicken ... with his bare hands! Ava cries and looks away as the brutal deed is done and refuses to eat the meal. Ladee warns Ava that turning down food is a major insult to her and her culture, but the Exiled princess just can't bring herself to take a bite.

    Ava continues to disappoint Ladee the next day when she refuses to help clean up football-size pieces of elephant poop. Ladee tells Ava that they have to clean it up or else foreigners won't want to come to the village and spend money, which Ladee and her family depends on for survival. After hearing this, Ava offers Ladee $100 to do all the work herself. Ladee is insulted and tells Ava to "shut up." Fed up with the feces and Ladee's "unappreciative" attitude, Ava heads back to the hut.

    That night, Ava cries while watching a lizard climb up the wall of her hut. Feeling bad about the way she treated Ladee, she vows to change her tune. The next day, she actually manages to curb her complaining and works hard at her chores. Surprisingly, Ava even finds something she enjoys: feeding the elephants. While riding through the jungle on an elephant, Ava cracks her first smile since being Exiled -- and Ladee is thrilled to see that Ava's finally coming around.

    But just as she's starting to see the light, Ava's time in Thailand comes to an end. On their final night together, Ava and Ladee make a wish on a floating lantern. They both wish that they'll be reunited in the future -- hopefully in Beverly Hills!

    As Ava gives Ladee a hug and leaves, she admits that she has learned a lot about herself during her time in Thailand. Back home, her family is proud as well. But while being Exiled has taught Ava to be thankful for the little things, she's still not exactly ready to give up her love of Louboutins!