1. Meleny missed out on having a My Super Sweet 16 party, so when she turned 18, she made it really count by having a one-of-a-kind soiree fit for a princess. But the daddy's girl from Long Island, N.Y., expected the royal treatment 24/7. Two years......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Meleny's traveling to the mountains of Peru to live with a Quechuan family. She'll have to confront her fears of being alone and adapt to the high altitude lifestyle.


  2. Does Meleny still rely solely on her parents? Check out exclusive interviews, deleted scenes and more for an update on this former Sweet 16er.


About Episode

  1. Meleny missed out on having a My Super Sweet 16 party, so when she turned 18, she made it really count by having a one-of-a-kind soiree fit for a princess. But the daddy's girl from Long Island, N.Y., expected the royal treatment 24/7. Two years later, she continues to be a royal pain that loves to be pampered.

    Still living at home, Meleny mooches off mom and dad and can't take care of herself. And even though she's 20, she's never spent a single night away from home! Meleny's dad realizes it's time to give his daughter a serious wake-up call. That's why Meleny is being Exiled for a week to the snowcapped Andes Mountains in Peru, where she'll learn to confront her fear of being alone. It's time for a serious life lesson!

    When Meleny learns she's being shipped out that night, she only has two hours to pack. But she needs help! With her sister by her side, she packs high heels, cute outfits and her favorite stuffed animals. Before a tearful goodbye at the airport, her father tells her not to come back if she doesn't change her selfish ways. Will the former beauty queen be able to survive on her own or will she beg daddy to bail her out?

    Less than a day later, Meleny lands in Ollantaytambo, Peru. After being driven up a long, winding mountain, she is dropped off at the side of the road at 12,000 feet and must hike the rest of the way to the village. Dragging her luggage down the steep slope, it doesn't take long for the tears to start flowing -- she already wants to go home.

    When Meleny gets to the village, she meets Helen, a girl her age that she will be living with. After meeting her host family, Meleny is taken to her new home -- a small, cluttered house made out of rocks. It's filled with animal skins and there are live guinea pigs running around. Meleny starts crying, wondering why her father would send her to such a "messy" place. That night, she crawls into bed with Helen and has a hard time falling asleep as the guinea pigs run wild through the house.

    The next morning, when Helen wakes Meleny up to do work, Meleny puts up a fuss. She is told she must gather wood to build a fire so that they can cook. After picking up a few twigs, Meleny wants to call it a day. But Helen tells her it isn't enough. Then, when Meleny spots the potatoes that are being cooked, she is disgusted by the fact that they look like "turds." And she finds it equally gross that Helen is using her hands while preparing the meal.

    Then the girls must go to the river to get water. Meleny thinks the river looks dirty and says that only bottled water ever touches her lips. After filling up two pots with river water, Helen tells Meleny not to spill any from the container she'll be carrying.

    As they make their way back to the village, Meleny spitefully spills the water. This angers Helen, who tells her to go back and fill up the pot. But Meleny refuses, throwing down the pot and making a scene. In response, Helen tells her that if she doesn't go back and get more water, she won't eat. Meleny reluctantly fills up her pot and tries harder not to spill any water.

    The next day, Helen offers to make a special meal for Meleny -- guinea pig. A horrified Meleny watches as Helen picks up one of the cuddly creatures and kills it with her bare hands. Screaming, Meleny can't watch as Helen cooks up the local delicacy. When it comes time to eat the crispy critter, Meleny takes the teeniest, tiniest bite, which offends Helen.

    Early one morning, Meleny wakes up feeling sick to her stomach. She runs outside to throw up, which causes her to freak out. A doctor is called and finds that Meleny is suffering from high-altitude sickness. She is given an oxygen mask and is comforted by Helen. Thankfully, by day 5 of being Exiled, Meleny is feeling better -- and that much closer to Helen. The two girls have fun braiding each other's hair and putting on makeup.

    When Helen asks Meleny to help with one of the village's most important chores, the llama trek, Meleny is happy to lend a hand. She herds the llamas from one field to another so that they have fresh grass. The llamas are crucial to the survival of Helen's family because the wool is worth money. After bonding with the llamas, Meleny must dig up some potatoes. While in the field, she finally realizes just how little she does at home.

    Before Meleny leaves Peru, Helen and her host family present her with a gift of traditional Peruvian clothing. Although Meleny has bonded with Helen, she is ready to go home. Back in Long Island, Meleny admits that she learned a lot by being Exiled ... but she sure is happy to be home!