1. AlexAlex

    Gregg Delman

    An heiress to a chateau in Paris, Alex felt like her reputation was on the line when she threw her Super Sweet 16 party. The Michigan native treated her "Winter Wonderland" party as a coming out celebration, saying it was time to show...   Read More

  2. AmandaAmanda

    Gregg Delman

    Two years ago, Florida native Amanda had a Super Sweet 16 party any girl would die for, including a performance by R&B sensation Ciara. Of course, there was tons of drama to go along with the Hawaiian-themed festivities, especially since...   Read More

  3. When Ava celebrated her Super Sweet 16, she threw an Arabian Nights bash that she called "a major transition from childhood to adulthood." You might remember her shopping for the perfect dress in Paris, but deciding to get two custom-made...   Read More

  4. An outspoken male divo from Connecticut, Bjorn has but one thing on his mind when it came to the ultimate Sweet 16: fashion. For his special day, Bjorn staged a fashion show, which naturally starred himself, along with a hand-picked selection of his...   Read More

  5. ChelsiChelsi

    Gregg Delman

    It's been two years since private-school cheerleader Chelsi celebrated her Super Sweet 16 with a Roman-themed toga party that made her a legend in her small New Hampshire town. There were plenty of freak-outs leading up to her big bash,...   Read More

  6. Marissa MishelleMarissa Mishelle

    Gregg Delman

    Marissa Mishelle celebrated her Sweet 16 two years ago, throwing the biggest party that Scottsdale, Ariz., had ever seen. Obsessed with the color pink, she made her dad rent a mansion for her "Pink Fantasy" party. Up until that point, Marissa...   Read More

  7. MelenyMeleny

    Gregg Delman

    Meleny missed out on having a Super Sweet 16 party, so when she turned 18 two years ago, the beauty queen from Long Island, N.Y., had a one-of-a-kind event fit for Egyptian royalty. She booked a huge New York City club with the famed DJ...   Read More

  8. SierraSierra

    Gregg Delman

    Now a high school senior looking happily towards graduation, Sierra became the star of the My Super Sweet 16 by rushing her party by a year and celebrating her 15th birthday in grand style. The daughter of Cee-Lo (aka one-half of...   Read More

  9. Cher is the sweet little princess of her family's castle (no, seriously...a castle) in Palm Harbor, Florida. As the baby of the family, Cher has led a fun, carefree life and has been spoiled, sheltered and protected by everyone around her --...   Read More

  10. Erin is the only daughter of the late rapper Eazy-E...and she believes that her famous father wouldn't want her to settle for anything less than the best in life. This sense of entitlement made Erin's episode of My Super Sweet 16 simply...   Read More