Engaged & Underage

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about Engaged & Underage

Ah, to be young and in love -- holding hands, passing notes in class, sharing a first kiss and planning a wedding. Who cares if people think it's too soon to get married! Find out what it's like to be Engaged and Underage. All across the country, tons of young adults are engaged and underage and think they're ready to take the plunge and start their life together. Their wedding day is going to be the biggest and best day of their lives, right? Season 2 of Engaged and Underage follows couples between the ages of 18 and 22 during the weeks leading up to the big day to find out what really goes down while they're planning their nuptials. Are they in over their heads because they're rushing into things? MTV catches all the family drama, relationship tension and overall laughs that go hand in hand with planning a wedding. Last season, Engaged and Underage revealed just how stressful a life changing event like marriage can be -- especially when the bride and groom-to-be are barely out of high school. Who can forget the drama that swirled around 21-year-old Christian virgins Lauren and David as Lauren struggled to stay out of the watchful eye of David's smothering mother? Or how Mexican-American Ashley and Southern Baptist Byron overcame racial and religious issues within their families before they headed down the aisle? And remember Jessica and Frank, who broke up a million times before finally deciding to tie the knot when they found out that Jessica was pregnant? Find out how last season's Engaged and Underage newlyweds are doing, see wedding photos and get baby updates on MTV's Couples' Blog at engagedandunderage.mtv.com. And then keep an eye out to see what this season's batch of Engaged and Underagers have to say! How will the couples from season 2 of Engaged and Underage cope with the mounting pressures of adulthood and deal with all the negative comments -- "You need to wait!" "He's not right for you!" -- from the folks around them? Will they reach the breaking point or will they say "I do"? There's a day when you take those first big steps out of the comfort of your family's home and begin to make all the right -- or wrong -- decisions. Engaged and Underage is all about taking that next big step, for better or for worse. Are these couples really meant to be together forever or will they run into trouble in paradise?