1. I'm both the founder and a member of the Electric Barbarellas. Sometimes I wish I could just be in the group and not be the boss lady. It's never easy telling your friends to get it together but if I don't lay down the law, the group won't make it....   Read More

  2. I'm Melyssa, AKA, Missy -- a crazy fun loving potty-mouthed musician and bartender. I also have another band where I play keys/guitar, sing and have a full band. They both want me to commit full time which means giving up one or the other. I feel...   Read More

  3. I'm your typical all America girl next door. People often call me the goodie-too-shoes of the group. It can be hard trying to keep my morals in tact, especially being in an all girl group in Hollywood. People are always trying to make you do things...   Read More

  4. I'm Raven. Being Caribbean and Native American, I was always insecure with my looks and thought that the only way to be pretty was to be blonde, with blue eyes. My attitude turned me into a wild child and ever since, I've pushed boundaries every...   Read More

  5. Hey I'm Gynger. I'm the crazy, bootylicious, Southern belle of the group. I'm country, I'm loud, and make no bones about saying what's on my mind. Mostly, I love to make people laugh! Ever since I can remember I've always been the little...   Read More