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  1. Jukka is the rockstar, the showman, the never-stopping energizer bunny. His impulsiveness has made him the hyperactive champion of social contacts. He is known for his suave speaking skills, boyish charm and being intimidated by no one. Jukka...   Read More

  2. Jarppi is the mad scientist, the engineer and the comedian. The king of one-liners and by far the clumsiest Dudeson, Jarppi is also the most practical of the bunch and can build just about anything; cars, rockets, or any stunt-related contraptions...   Read More

  3. HP is the quiet one, and the most sensitive - the voice of reason. Kind and caring, HP is always concerned about others' well-being. But when it comes to himself, all common sense is out the window...especially when doing stunts! HP often sees...   Read More

  4. Jarno is the man who documents it all - the mastermind. With a camcorder permanently glued to his hand, Jarno neurotically records every second of The Dudesons' lives! When Jarno is not hunched over his laptop's editing program, he thinks-up new...   Read More