The Dudesons

about The Dudesons

Before The Dudesons made it big in the U.S. they had a show in Finland outrageous enough to catch the attention of Johnny Knoxville and Bam Margera. The Finnish version of The Dudesons launched the international careers of Jarppi, Jukka, Jarno and HP, but because of the raw content, censors prohibited the show from airing on American TV. That's about to change as MTV2 is unlocking The Dudesons and bringing you the stunts, pranks and gross out humor they could only get away with in Scandinavia. Watch the guys get revenge on their neighbor by hosing him down with sewage, get arrested for playing Santa and drop a car on Jarppi's thumb after retrieving it from a safe deposit box. The Dudesons is coming to the U.S. this summer, only on MTV2.