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  1. KennyKenny


    Kenny grew up in Boston and he has a "Southie" accent to prove it. He started dancing at the age of 6, after his mother found him popping to a New Kid's On The Block video. Desperate for a place to channel her son's boundless energy, she enrolled...   Read More

  2. JerseyJersey


    Jersey grew up in a large Italian family in, you guessed it -- New Jersey. She started dancing at the age of 3 and has trained in everything from acrobatics to ballet. You wouldn't think a ballet dancer would get kicked out of three high schools for...   Read More

  3. StaciStaci


    When Staci was 3 years old, her mother enrolled her in dance class because she was concerned her daughter was getting chubby. The extra weight was gone almost immediately, but the dancing stuck and by the time she was 6, Staci knew she would have a...   Read More

  4. Celestina grew up in Nigeria and Los Angeles and her path to dance was an unlikely one. She knew she wanted to be a performer, but her mother had other ideas, and insisted she become a professional. So at 16, two years ahead of her peers, Celestina...   Read More

  5. BlakeBlake


    As a boy growing up in Toronto, Blake trained intensively in jazz and ballet, but it was in the Canadian city's rave culture that he first started to get noticed as a dancer. Raving led to dance battles and before long he was winning competitions...   Read More

  6. NolanNolan


    Ask Nolan about the State he grew up in and he'll tell you straight out, "There ain't no hip-hop in Wyoming, just cowboys and buffalo." So it's more than a little remarkable that he has somehow managed to achieve his dream of becoming a professional...   Read More