1. The Valley, CA

    Matt Cady, 26
    Megan Lawson, 26
    Beau Fournier, 28
    Cara Horibe, 27
    Glenda Morales, 24
    Natalie Gilmore, 26
    Gerald Espinosa,
    Sohey Sugihara, 24
    Preston Mui, 29

    No strangers to the 'Dance Crew' stage, the members of Fanny Pak are back after taking 3rd place in Season 2. Since their time in the competition, Fanny Pak went on to win MTV's VMA crew battle, a title voted on by the fans. They traveled the country to work with Lil Mama, Toni Braxton and Yelle and were featured in the film 'Honey 2.' So why return to 'America's Best Dance Crew'? "We have a hunger for these battlegrounds," says founder Matt Cady. This time the nine members have confidence in their talents and know it's their time to take the title.