1. North Hollywood, CA

    Vinh "Dj Vinom" Bui, 30
    Joe "Joleethal" Lee, 25
    Hitcliff "Cliff" Leigh Tan, 25
    Frank T. "Tank" Kagiyama, 26
    Andrew "Toad" Eng, 22
    Matt "Groove" Gutierrez, 25
    Norbert Torok, 22

    The North Hollywood crew came together like "the perfect pieces to fit a puzzle," according to group member Hitcliff Leigh Tan. The seven choreographers love to don suspenders during their routines and focus on their trademark style, "flotivity," which involves seamlessly flowing from one style into the next in a creative way. The members, who are inspired by both family members and haters, say they've paid their dues and understand the struggle it takes to make it in the dance community, and they're confident that the Season 7 title is within reach.