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  1. Houston, Texas

    Brandon "747" Harrell
    Emilio "Millie" Dosal
    Jana "JaJa" Vankova
    Di "Moon" Zhang
    Olivia "Chachi" Gonzales
    Phillip "PacMan" Chbeeb

    This crew originated in Houston but claims members from around the globe, including China and...   Read More »

  2. San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Pedro "Mr. P" Aviles
    Alan "Xpression" Medina Narvaez
    Daniel "Phantom" Alberto Babilonia Torrres
    Emmanuel "Pery" Pagan Casas
    José "New Wave" Concepción Suárez
    Michael "AV" Aviles Rosa
    Reynaldo "Vendhy" Arroyo...   Read More »

  1. North Hollywood, California

    Alexander Larson
    DeShon "Juice Boy Fresh" Hamilton
    Juan "S@NA" Munoz
    Kevin "K. Love" Jackson
    Matthew "Genesis" Roberts
    Sean "Fresh" Redding
    William "WilldaBeast" Adams

    The dancers who make up this crew have...   Read More »

  2. Chicago, Illinois

    Brandon "Basik" Love
    Donnetta "Lil Bit" Jackson
    "Pause" Eddie Martin Jr.
    Kendall "Hollywood K" Larkin
    Kenneth "Lil Reese" Livingston
    Stephen "Stepz" Gregory
    Trevell "Teejay Da Boss" Johnson

    Chicago Footwork is an...   Read More »

  1. English Town, New Jersey

    Jason "NoBones" Smith
    Louis "Da Pitbull" DiPippa
    Madison Alamia
    Mikey "Spikey Mikey" Fusco
    Nick "Nicholicious" Mara
    Thomas Miceli
    Vincent Castronovo

    With a member of the crew clocking in at 10 years old, these...   Read More »

  2. Los Angeles, California

    Arthur Lien
    Charles Lee
    Charles "Chuck" Maa
    Geoffrey "Geo" Lee
    Mike "Chu Ming" Yang
    Robert Tsai

    This group is based in Los Angeles, but their roots are in Taipei, Taiwan. After attending the same high school...   Read More »

  1. Crenshaw, California

    Jessica Agdeppa
    Jessica Anderson-Gwin
    Kaitlin "Littlefoot" Regan
    Kristin McKnight
    Sarah Mann
    Wesley Faucher

    From roller skates to jump ropes, past dance crews have proved that nearly anything can be incorporated into...   Read More »

  2. Boston, Massachusetts

    Christopher DiNicola
    Devin Woolridge
    Dominic Rich
    Ja Ja "X-clusive" Leviner
    Jean "Bboy Bebo" Lloret
    Kassandra Rateau
    Trey Rich

    Composed of New England's finest male and female dancers, the Phunk Phenomenon is a...   Read More »

  1. Auckland, New Zealand

    Bianca Ikinofo
    Kaili Bright
    Malaena Eagle
    Ngavaine Tearea
    Oriana Whaiapu
    Parris Goebel
    Reimy Jones
    Samantha Cahill

    Flying across the globe from New Zealand, this group of females is currently riding high as the...   Read More »

  2. Los Angeles, California

    Ceasare "Tight-Eyez" Willis
    James "B-Dash" Derrick
    Joel "Knucklehead" Turman
    Joseph "Lil B-Dash" Duenas
    Kevin "Jr Tight-Eyez" Davis
    Mark "Streetnoize" Santiago
    Melissa "Kisses" Davila
    Quinell "Bash" Dixon
    Randall...   Read More »