1. English Town, New Jersey

    Jason "NoBones" Smith
    Louis "Da Pitbull" DiPippa
    Madison Alamia
    Mikey "Spikey Mikey" Fusco
    Nick "Nicholicious" Mara
    Thomas Miceli
    Vincent Castronovo

    With a member of the crew clocking in at 10 years old, these boys are the youngest dancers to ever compete on the "Dance Crew" Drawing inspiration from the likes of Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber, this "boy band of dance" plans to impress the crowd with a unique style of hip-hop and street jazz. The boys in this crew have been pursuing dance while other kids their age take up sports like football, baseball and basketball. Considering themselves a band of brothers, these underdogs say they have more experience than most people think -- and plan to take the "Dance Crew" title from the seasoned veterans.