Derek "Derty" Rice
    Lorena "Lo" Liebman
    Nathalie Levy
    Nicolas "Bboy Hero" Begin
    Thien-Linh "TL" Truong
    Vanessa Gagnon
    Vincent-Olivier Noiseux

    This Canadian crew is out to storm the home of hip-hop and demonstrate a level of synchronicity not seen before. Being the first-ever foreign crew to compete on America's Best Dance Crew, Blueprint has a lot to prove. And for this crew, the name Blueprint is more than a title: it's a creed. Precision, precision, precision -- that's their motto. Every move this crew does, they do as one, moving together. Their dance crew is run like an army, training hard to look like one unit and learning the origin of the move to perfect it. This perfectionist crew doesn't believe in tricks and stunts, they believe in unified movements down to every minute detail.

    Blueprint says Canada is not supportive of dance programs. The Government has cut the arts budgets and refused Blueprints' applications for dance grants. Their belief is that, with international recognition, Montreal might finally take an interest in the dance community and hopefully help it grow.

    In the six years since the group started, these Montreal natives have become the premiere crew in the Canadian dance world. But making a name for themselves in the country where hip-hop was born would be the ultimate barometer of success.