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  1. Elisabet Riera
    Zoeth L. Cardenales-Velazquez
    Miguel A. Reyes Santiago
    Alain M.Lavalle
    Josué Vega Torres
    Veronica Collazo
    Sidelay Ramos Hernandez

    AfroBoriké is bringing a Latin-American fire to America's Best Dance Crew. Previously,...   Read More »

  2. Donyelle Denise Jones
    Liz Legande
    Brianna Tarleton
    Larissa Crecco
    Ashley Irvin
    Angel Ginn
    Dannie Boston

    Artistry in Motion is a group of ladies on a dancing mission. They are trying to unite the hip-hop and contemporary styles of dancing...   Read More »

  1. Porché Anthony
    Dante Hancock
    Jose Hancock
    Brandon Faulker
    Richard Ogunsiakan

    Formed just three years ago, Beat Ya Feet Kings is a young dance group from Washington, D.C. After attending school together, Richard, Dante and Jose formed the crew...   Read More »

  2. Adrian Causing
    Daniel Duma
    Louise Angso
    Leslie Hubilla
    Cindy Ho
    Michael Esteban
    Kristina Latonio

    Fr3sh started in 2003 in Matawan, New Jersey. Founded by Adrian Causing, Fr3sh started as a group of friends dancing for fun. It has since...   Read More »

  1. Brysen Angeles
    JD Rainey
    Jerome Aparis
    Marcus Garrison
    Timothy Soriano
    Samnith Ly

    Massive Monkees are bringing their massive resume from Seattle to the America's Best Dance Crew stage. Two separate dance groups, Massive and...   Read More »

  2. Alonzo Williams
    Ashley Powell
    Cochise Quinones Jr.
    Denzel Chisolm
    Dion Dennis
    Dominique Rosario
    Kenny Bermudez

    Originating from the Bronx, New York, Rhythm City captures the essence of hip-hop in their own rare form.

    Led by Alonzo...   Read More »

  1. Carone Tharpe
    Darren Douglas
    Jay Battle
    Justin Jenkins
    Kemmian Beard
    Sherita Bratcher
    Todd Anthony

    Straight out of the country music capital of the world, Southern Movement combines their love of country music with a hip-hop...   Read More »

  2. Hiroka "Hero" Mcrae (25)
    Riquel "Riqdiculous Licky" Olander (22)
    Mami Kanemitsu (26)
    Ali Iannucci (25)
    Nichelle Thrower (23)

    Japanese-born Hiroka "Hero" Mcrae started the Heroes dance crew in Los Angeles with one goal in mind: to prove that...   Read More »

  1. Dashaun Williams
    Devon Webster
    Malechi Williams
    Leiomy Maldonado
    Jorel Rios

    From the underground ballrooms of New York City the members of Vogue Evolution have set out to spread their unique dancing style into the mainstream. The crew...   Read More »