1. Carone Tharpe
    Darren Douglas
    Jay Battle
    Justin Jenkins
    Kemmian Beard
    Sherita Bratcher
    Todd Anthony

    Straight out of the country music capital of the world, Southern Movement combines their love of country music with a hip-hop flavor.

    Justin, Carone, Darren, Todd and Kemmian met back in 2004 when they battled against each other on the local dance scene at Middle Tennesse State University. "After seeing everyone's chemistry on stage, we decided to come together in 2005 after Middle Tennessee State University's 'Bring it to the Stage' battle," says Kemmian. In 2007, Jay was added to the crew. Then in 2008 the crew became complete when Sherita joined the team.

    According to the group, after a heartfelt discussion, each crew member realized their goal was the same: to strive for success beyond local exposure.

    Since then the crew has been fusing their love of pop artists like Michael Jackson along with their love of country by combing country line dancing and hip-hop moves together. "It makes us unique because it's so unexpected," says Jay.

    This honky-tonk beat-boxing crew insists while they may appear to be the underdog they have an edge on the rest of the competition. "We are one of the first crews from Tennessee to try and break the barrier of the line dancing country bumpkins and show America's Best Dance Crew that we can take hip hop to a new level," says Sherita.