1. Lando Wilkins (25, choreographer)
    Juice (22)
    Lydia Pack (18)
    Brian "Bam" Martin (20)
    Rocko (22)
    Jaffar (28)
    Aris Jefferson (24)

    Each Boxcuttuhz member has danced along side many notable dance crews such as: Quest, Unity La, GRV, America's Best Dance Crew alums Jabbawockeez and Funkanometry.

    Lando met the rest of the Boxcuttuhz through the dance community over the last few years. He assembled the crew, his "family," to perform shows and has worked with them to create a world-class team. Although each member contributes moves to the choreography, it's Lando who is the beating heart of this crew. "Lando moves like an ALIEN!" Juice says. "He's not from here!" Pocko agrees: "His moves are indescribable!"

    Boxcuttuhz cite M.I.A., Cool Kids, Bjork, Kardinal Offishal, Janet Jackson, Missy Elliottt and Ludacris among their favorites to dance to, and Lando says he won't musically pigeonhole the group. "Unless I revert back to the 'gangstaness' and get gritty with some 'ol hood fun, I love the old school funk beats, house R&B and alternative music," he says.

    All of the members of Boxcuttuhz are convinced they'll be the crew that walks away with the America's Best Dance Crew title this time around, but their confidence shouldn't be confused with cockiness. "We're not on the show to compete for the position of first place as the other teams would think," says Lando. "Our goal is to reach for the hearts and votes of America while giving them something to remember."

Boxcuttuhz Crew Members