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  1. Twenty-year music industry veteran and Grammy Award winning producer, Randy Jackson started out at the young age of 13 playing bass guitar and got his big break when he joined the critically acclaimed band Journey. As a talented musician and...   Read More

  2. A man of many trades, Mario Lopez has the overwhelming desire to always keep active. He is the single host of the nationally syndicated daily show EXTRA. Concurrently, Lopez continues his hosting duties on MTV highly rated program,...   Read More

  3. You probably think of JC Chasez as another Mickey Mouse Club celebrity spawn or associate him with the multi-platinum-selling pop group *NSync. But it's time to purge your mind of all of that and finally see JC for who he really is: a...   Read More

  4. In addition to having tremendous talent on the dance floor, it seems as though being at the right place at the right time has become a common theme to Shane Sparks' success.

    With the help of movies like Beat Street and Breakin',...   Read More

  5. Jumping onto the airwaves at 17, Lil Mama cleared a wide path for herself with the major radio hit "Lip Gloss" in early 2007. Raised in both Brooklyn and Harlem, Niatia Kirkland grew up with seven other siblings. She found solace in writing poetry...   Read More

  6. Layla Kayleigh is a multi-talented host, actress and singer. Originally from London, England, Kayleigh has lived on her own since she was fifteen. Possessing a down-to-earth personality and quick wit, Kayleigh has the ability to connect with...   Read More

  7. DJ Rashida has established herself as one of the most sought-after female DJs in the world. She has played her signature fusion of hip-hop, pop, rock, funk, soul, reggae and house around the globe in cities like London, Tokyo, Geneva, Antwerp,...   Read More