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  1. Although they're spread out all over the southwestern US, the JabbaWockeeZ crew members have always shared a special bond in their love for dance. And, despite a lack of rehearsal time and no clear leader, the crew still takes risks by wearing their...   Read More

  2. The members of Status Quo all grew up in the same neighborhood and met dancing in the streets. Although they admit to having no money or cars, they can always count on having one thing: each other.

  1. The Kaba Modern crew, based in Orange County, is still learning how to balance rehearsal time with schoolwork. But their main issue involves their parents: Will they keep giving the crew members the support they need to bring home the trophy?

  2. The members of BreakSk8 claim they can skate better than they can walk -- and they hope to skate away from their hometown of Kokomo, Indiana. Although they describe themselves as "normal guys who like to have fun," they have shown themselves to be...   Read More

  1. The ladies of Fysh N Chicks are on a mission to showcase their talents instead of their bodies. They've gained the respect of the judges for not "selling out," and the crew members are happy to know they can share a sisterhood on their own terms.

  2. Live In Color has been easily influenced by the colors of Miami and tends to go all out in everything they do. Although they keep a tight budget (even shopping at thrift stores for wardrobe selections), they put everything into their performances...   Read More

  1. Hailing from the great state of New Jersey, leader Geo assembled his own group of top-notch dancers to challenge the other crews -- and he might be on to something. Although the ICONic members aren't life-long friends, they share one thing in...   Read More

  2. Femme 5 is a group of self-proclaimed "girly girls" who strive to ooze sexiness when they dance. They hope to take over the male-dominated hip-hop industry while holding on to the most important thing -- their femininity.

  1. Enigma Dance Kru came all the way from Tampa to win the ABDC trophy, but the group ran into some trouble when crew member Jodi was kicked out before performance time. Despite the behind-the-scenes drama, group leader "Mouse" insists that the...   Read More