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  1. AngelaAngela

    Michael Becker

    The second child of Rev. Run's tight-knit family, Angela Simmons has long been striving to get out from her big sister Vanessa's shadow.

    Although once considered a "copycat" on Run's House, Angela has worked hard to establish her own...   Read More

  2. VanessaVanessa

    Michael Becker

    Fans have watched the eldest child in Run's House pursue her dreams of acting over recent seasons of the hit MTV series. Her bi-coastal lifestyle while playing as Lola on the soap opera A Guiding Light in California while launching the...   Read More

  3. Up until now, Alycia has been Vanessa and Angela's best friend on the West Coast. Now, she's their neighbor and she's finding out that keeping up with the Joneses -- or in this case, the Simmonses -- is not an easy task. Born and raised in San Jose,...   Read More

  4. Jessica has a complicated life as Vanessa and Angela Simmons' cousin, close friend, roommate and employee. A part of the Pastry team since the company's infancy, Jessica has worked her way up the ranks, putting her business degree to good use. Now...   Read More