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Brooke beats up a friend, and Joe considers his relationship on the way to jail.

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Mike talks about his dreams of becoming a pro golfer after his arresting officer tells him he's not good at drinking.

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Get to know The DNC, the artist behind the 'Cuff'd' theme song!

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  1. Brooke vents about the girl she attacked, who tried to claim her man. Joseph had no idea...  Read Full Summary »


  2. Teoshia "manned up" on her man after he tried to hit her. Tom cries and apologizes...  Read Full Summary »


  3. Lindsay cries after cops find weed in her car. Martin had tinted windows and was...  Read Full Summary »



  1. Learn more about the artist behind the 'Cuff'd' theme song 'Upside Down.'

  2. This drink calculator can help you know when you've had one too many.

  3. If you think you have a substance abuse problem, please talk to someone.

About Cuff'd

  1. 'Cuff'd' is a half-hour documentary series that takes an inside look at what happens between the time young offenders are arrested and arrive at the police precinct for booking. Viewers are literally placed in the front seat during each suspect's ride in the police car -- and the results are often surprisingly gripping, emotional, and funny.

    Besides portraying a side of police life that viewers rarely get to see, 'Cuff'd' serves as a cautionary tale -- as young offenders begin to face the reality of their extreme situations.

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