1. Hey y'all! My name is Alex and I'm a freshman. I'm 19 years old and moved from across the country from Montgomery, Texas, in search of a fresh start, new friends and some cultural diversity. Considering I am here on a scholarship, school is of an...   Read More

  2. Hey! I'm Andrea! I am a 19 year-old freshman going to college in Wisconsin. I was born and raised a cheese head! (I have always lived in Wisconsin :)) I basically grew up on the back of a horse, I love animals, I am known to break into dance at any...   Read More

  3. Hey! I'm Anna, an 18 year-old freshman. I am from a small city on the border of Wisconsin and Minnesota. I chose to go to school in Madison, Wisconsin, because I wanted a big school where I could be my own person and get away form my shy high school...   Read More

  4. Hi everyone!! I'm Lindsay and I am a 19 year-old freshman attending school in Madison, Wisconsin. I am from Milwaukee and most of my family -- including my grandfather, father, aunt, and uncles -- attended the same school, making it an obvious...   Read More

  5. Hi I'm Kevin, I'm 18 and I'm from St. Paul, Minnesota. I'm a freshman attending school in Wisconsin and am chillin.
    I like cooking outdoors, Kid Rock, good grades, fathead posters and Budweiser red labels. College, so far, is kind of like a really...   Read More

  6. What up! So my name is Jordan. I am currently a freshman and I am 19 years old. I was born and raised in Wheaton, Illinois, a small suburb of Chicago that is a really conservative town (at one point it held the world record for most churches per...   Read More

  7. Hi, I'm Josh, a 19-year-old sophomore studying to be a mechanical engineer in Madison, Wisconsin. I'm originally from Mukwonago, Wisconsin. I graduated from Mukwonago High School in 2007, where I dated a lovely girl named Andrea for part of my...   Read More

  8. My name is Dan and I'm from the small town of Brattleboro, Vermont. I'm 18, legal and ready to roll. I try to live my life to the fullest, which made Madison the perfect place for me. Friends, fun and academics. Sometimes it's hard to balance all of...   Read More