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  1. Amir looks like a nerd, but he got straight F's and D's in high school -- does that sound like a nerd to you? Didn't think so. He wouldn't even be wearing glasses if he weren't legally blind without them.

    Amir Blumenfeld is a senior writer for...   Read More

  2. Fresh-faced and eager, Dan's nave enthusiasm for stupid ideas often gets him into trouble. When it comes to Dan in bed, watch out ladies! He flails his arms when he has night terrors.

  3. Jake might not be smarter than his coworkers, but he's better looking, and that's good enough for him. In fact, Jake has probably slept with your sister.

  4. Jeff Rubin is really good at mountain climbing, guitar solos, and lying. If he could live inside a video game, he would.

  5. Patrick once saved a hundred hostages from biological terrorists on Alcatraz. Wait, that was Nicholas Cage in The Rock. Patrick's the one who got scared and vomited while watching that movie.

  6. The founder of CollegeHumor, Ricky became too rich too fast, and it shows. Obsessed with B-list celebrity culture, Ricky has been known to name-drop Marley, the dog from "Marley & Me."

  7. Caught between the hard-to-tame CollegeHumor writers and an ego-crazy boss, Sam tries to hold it all together. Sam thinks of the other staff members as his children; unfortunately, Sam hates children.

  8. As the sole female in the CollegeHumor office, Sarah is like a sister to the boys. Her standing as "one of the guys" makes her coworkers protective of her. She's the only person at CollegeHumor who wears a bra out of necessity.

  9. Temperamental, passionate and impulsive all are terms by which Streeter would be known were he not larger than everyone else. Since he is, though, he is simply "the fat one."

    Streeter Seidell is the Executive Editor of CollegeHumor.com and its...   Read More