1. Everyone has a dream, and bubbly, bright Chelsea is out to make hers a reality. Determined to pursue a career in fashion, she's left her small town in Pennsylvania to move to the "glamour capital of the world" - Los Angeles. Overflowing with...   Read More

  2. There are two things most of us can't get along without in this world: family and friends. For Chelsea, her cousin, Jarel, is both. Funny, supportive, and opinionated, he's there whenever Chelsea needs him - and Chelsea can't believe how lucky she...   Read More

  3. It's hard to find a roommate that you just click with -- but if your roommate is Jenna, it's no problem at all! Although just 23, Jenna's already led a harrowing life marked by intense challenges. She's hit rock bottom many times, but with her...   Read More

  4. Devon just doesn't want to be a star - he wants to be a SUPERSTAR. Actor, comedian, most famous person in the world, Devon is out to be ALL of the above. A Texan turned Californian, he's the guy everybody loves to hang out with. Just ask his...   Read More

  5. No one would ever call Angela weak. Not to her face anyway! A fiery, no-nonsense personal trainer, Angela believes that self-confidence and a strong mind are the keys to losing weight and achieving personal goals. Angela knows that Chelsea can do...   Read More

  6. Demanding, intense, and overwhelmingly glamorous, Laura is the owner of the popular L.A. boutique, Vanity Room, and the person who signs Chelsea's paychecks. Chelsea would be the first to admit she's a little intimidated by Laura, and with good...   Read More