Chelsea Settles

about Chelsea Settles

Chelsea Settles is a bubbly recent college grad living in a small town outside of Pittsburgh. She loves Kim Kardashian, gossip magazines, and above all, the world of fashion. Like most girls her age, Chelsea's trying to figure out what she's going to do with the next phase of her life. However, she has a bigger hurdle to overcome than most of her peers -- because Chelsea weighs 324 pounds. Chelsea has struggled with a food addiction for as long as she can remember - and being heavy has led to debilitating phobias that challenge every aspect of her existence. Fears of going out in public, meeting new people, or even finding a large enough chair for her to sit on in class have all held Chelsea back from living life to the fullest. And if that isn't enough, Chelsea's beloved mom suffers from serious health issues and her care takes up much of Chelsea's time and attention. Still, Chelsea has dreams -- to lose weight, to pursue a career in fashion, and to achieve her lifelong goal of moving to sunny, beautiful Los Angeles. But change isn't easy, especially for a sheltered small-town girl who's never flown on an airplane or lived on her own before. Thanks to the encouragement of mom and her close cousin, Jarel, Chelsea does decide to leap into the unknown -- or at least, the West Coast. She realizes that living 3,000 miles away from the only home she's ever known will test her emotionally, physically, and psychologically as she struggles to start a career in fashion in image-obsessed LA. But for the first time in her life, Chelsea is determined to take these challenges on: from living with a roommate for the first time, to getting in shape with a no-nonsense personal trainer, to finding a job and ultimately working for a demanding boss at an upscale boutique, to managing a long-distance boyfriend who may not completely support her career aspirations. And along the way, after experiencing a series of small victories, as well as some life changing setbacks, Chelsea may just be ready to experience a new way of seeing the world -- and herself.