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  1. What happens when you take eight celebrities and turn them loose on the mic? Well, in the premiere episode of Celebrity Rap Superstar, we're gonna find out! We start off the night by being welcomed to the proceedings by comedian/actor Kevin Hart,......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. See how our celebrity rappers did when they took the stage. Do they have what it takes?


  2. The credits roll and immediately we're headed backstage for reactions and all of the gossip! Watch as Liz Hernandez gets judge Big Boy's predictions and talks to contestants Perez Hilton and Jamal Anderson.


About Episode

  1. What happens when you take eight celebrities and turn them loose on the mic? Well, in the premiere episode of Celebrity Rap Superstar, we're gonna find out!

    We start off the night by being welcomed to the proceedings by comedian/actor Kevin Hart, who we'll later realize is quite short. So, in more ways than one, he's like a hip-hop Ryan Seacrest, master of ceremonies for this battle of amateur MCs.

    After Kevin explains the show's concept: Eight celebrity contestants will be paired with hip-hop "mentors" who will attempt to teach them the ropes of rap. Each week, those contestants will perform a song for the judges and studio audience, then viewers will have 24 hours to cast votes for their favorites.

    First we meet the panel of esteemed judges, a trio of hip-hop personalities with some substantial street cred. First up is D.M.C., half namesake of legendary rap group Run-D.M.C. 'Nuff said.

    Then comes Da Brat, the first platinum-selling rapper whose solo work and appearances on tracks by Missy Elliott, Mariah Carey and Destiny's Child has earned her the respect of many peers. Finally, there's Big Boy, a renowned DJ from Los Angeles' KPWR (Power 106). Although he no longer lives up to his name, having shed more than 250 pounds a few years back, he still larger than life in rap circles and knows what he's talking about.

    Now it's time to get going. First up, "Funky Cold Medina" rapper Tone Loc brings on his protégée, bad boy blogger and celebrity rabble rouser Perez Hilton. As we will with each of the contestants, the mentor drops a rhyme to introduce their rapper, then we get a video clip look at the first meeting between the two in a recording studio, where they rehearse their assigned song for the first time.

    Then it's time for Perez, with his green hair and cardigan, to rip through his version of Chingy's "Right Thurr." Judging by the video clip, it's not promising, but the chubby, bitchy celeb slapper is surprisingly alright. He's obviously nervous and gets winded keeping his lyrical flow matched to the beat, but he has fun with it and overall he comes off pretty strong.

    Tone Loc is pleased and the judges are too, even though Da Brat brands him "Lucky Charms" and D.M.C. calls him out as a "hip-hop Oompa-Loompa." When Kevin Hart mentions that Perez made it sound like he was working the song for a man instead of a woman, the rounded rapper confirms that was the case and tells Kevin he was singing the song for him. Awkward!

    Next up, Redman ushers Jamal Anderson to the stage to perform T.I.'s "Big Things Poppin'." The former Atlanta Falcons running back is used being in the spotlight, as he's been a sportscaster since retiring from the field, but rapping is a whole different thing. He can't muscle his way through this performance -- which includes a freestyle where he forgot the lyrics. He comes off as if he was holding something back, and the judges tell him so. Plus Da Brat tells him his belt doesn't match his outfit, which doesn't go over so well.

    Playboy Playmate Kendra Wilkinson -- known to many as one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends from the E! reality show The Girls Next Door -- is by far the sexiest performer to grace the stage, introduced by rapper Too Short. Like a pixie in blinging football garb, she takes a stab at Foxy Brown's "Candy."

    Although undeniably nervous, Kendra struts across the stage with determination and still gives it her all. All of the judges note that she looked really cute and gave her props for her efforts, and there were a couple of shout-outs to Hefner, who made an appearance to show his support. (Big Boy even said he didn't want to slag Kendra for fear of getting banned from those famous Playboy Mansion parties!) D.M.C. summed it up as, "You look good, but you ain't hood."

    When Bubba Sparxxx drops his rhyme to introduce Jason Wahler -- remember when he dated L.C. on Laguna Beach? -- the crowd whoops its appreciation. Kevin Hart asks Jason if Hollywood is ready to accept his image makeover as a gangsta rapper. While Jason says they will, it turns out that Hollywood probably won't have to stretch its definition of this bad boy rich kid.

    Bouncing around the stage, Wahler forgot nearly every single word to Chamillionaire's "Ridin' Dirty," leaving "straight up country" Bubba sitting on the edge of the stage laughing and shaking his head. The crowd didn't like it, and neither did the judges. Said Da Brat, "No wonder Lauren dumped your ass."

    Hip-hop hall-of-famer MC Lyte -- who admitted, "I don't think, in all my years of rap, I've ever attempted to teach someone to rap" -- called Shar Jackson to the stage to perform Eve's "Tambourine." The actress and singer handled the chore with ease, spitting Eve's rhymes with conviction, strutting across the stage and engaging the audience. D.M.C. said he was ready to buy the album, while Da Brat summed up the thought in everyone's mind: "Your kids are at home sayin, 'At least my mama know how to rap.' Yo, you killed it!"

    Warren G drew actress Countess Vaughn's number in the Celebrity Rap Superstar draw, and was more than pleased with her performance of Lil Mama's "Lip Gloss." "You killed it. Great entertainer," he said after she worked the stage and worked the crowd. The judges were equally impressed.

    Former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach was brought onstage by Kurupt to perform a version of LL Cool J's "Mama's Said Knock You Out," which was wildly received by the judges and the crowd, while Kurupt looked on with pride. "I heard you slip a little bit, but you recovered well," Big Boy said. "You held your own," commented Da Brat, who made sure to note her appreciation of the "little Zorro action" Bach used with the mic to end his performance, while D.M.C. rose to his seat to shake Sebastian's hand.

    He's known in the D12 ranks for his comic relief, but Bizarre was all business when it came to his attempts to school the night's final performer, actor Efren Ramirez (you know him as Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite). Unfortunately, Efren didn't heed much of Bizarre's advice, as his run through 50 Cent's "In Da Club" came off, well, horribly. Big Boy said that if he had to hear it again he'd put nine bullets in Efren. Da Brat said, "You worse than 'The Hills' guy," and D.M.C. chided him for obviously not rehearsing. Efren tried to blame it on the many expletives in the song, but found little sympathy from the panel and Bizarre reminded him that he has "to slow down."

    With the hour nearly up, Kevin Hart tells the Celebrity Rap Superstar judging panel that they need to put their heads together to choose three contestants to receive immunity, leaving the others to the mercy of the voting public. D.M.C. chooses Sebastian Bach, while Da Brat names Shar Jackson as her choice.

    Big Boy, meanwhile, says it was a hard choice, and notes that he was going to choose Countess Vaughan, but says she'll do fine on her own. Instead, because of "where he comes from and where he's going," he taps Perez Hilton. When he joins his fellow "safe" contestants, Perez grabs Shar and offers the inappropriate, "Give it up for Britney Spears!"

    The rest is put into the hands of the viewers, who are instructed to call in or text in votes for their favorites, and to return next Thursday to find out the results and see a whole new round of Celebrity Rap Superstar performances.