1. After CDM's cancellation some five years ago, Johnny went through some tough professional times, spiraling ever downward from hosting mall openings, to children's birthday parties, and finally hitting rock bottom as a recurring character on "Reba."...   Read More

  2. Nick's status as a color commentator is legendary - as are his (almost) continuous off-the-air lapses in judgment, taste, manners, ethics and morals. But while his personal life often gets the better of him, he can always be counted on to bring his...   Read More

  3. You're the world's most famous celebrity. Your fans idolize you. Your life is one long party, filled with limos, jets, mansions, groupies and piles of money. But when you're in the CDM ring, you belong to Mills Lane. As surely and bald as ever, the...   Read More

  4. The latest in a series of side-line commentators, Tally brings her own unique "style" to the art of the interview - much to the dismay those being interviewed (and Johnny Gomez). But don't let her perky, carefree attitude fool you - Stay out of her...   Read More